Adi Dress up cute baby shoes into the crowning touch to the candy color

Prevalence in sports today, all kinds of beautiful shoes have become an essential line of the first MM. Fresh candy colored Cheap Air Shoes to add a touch of pure MM and dynamic atmosphere! Shoes shorts with more leg showing the perfect curve of MM.

Experimental research and analysis

1. Luyi Chen, etc., with China Institute of Sports Science and equipment - Germany novelpedar plantar pressure distribution measurement system on human foot in three different states (ie, bare feet, wearing shoes of ordinary shock, wear Full length cushion shock shoes) jump process was repeated for foot pressure, pressure distribution analysis. 2. The experimental results of the three 3D-MVP chart (average plantar pressure distribution in three-dimensional map) shows the human body naked foot (Figure 1), wearing sports Cheap Air Shoes earthquake a (Figure 2), wearing sports shoes earthquake b (Figure 3 ) three state jump process for continuous human plantar pressure distribution. Experimental images from the above 1.1 can be clearly seen the body in the qualitative jump, the bare foot under foot all the main landing point in the forefoot and toe points each metatarsal and toe point of 2,3-away section of the average pressure significantly higher than other parts of the foot, especially the great toe is the average pressure of the highest parts of the feet, the point of the great differences of the average pressure distribution, which is the process of human vertical jump, landing and take-off when the buffering capacity to face the foot of the reaction said most of the role of acting on the above points, consistent with natural law under the conditions of biomechanics. Image 1.2 by qualitative analysis can be found in all metatarsal forefoot and toe points and toe point of 2,3-away section of the average pressure values higher in other parts of the foot, toe or foot maximum average pressure of the site, But the pressure has reduced the points on average, significantly smaller differences in the distribution. Further qualitative analysis of Figure 1.3, can know the average plantar pressure distribution in Figure 1.2 have similar, but the average pressure distribution from the regional point of view, arch and heel pressure distribution is more, with a mean pressure value to a better equilibrium. 3. Experimental study concluded on bare feet and shoes of different types of shock state of the human body during the continuous jump average plantar pressure distribution analysis and comparison of qualitative research, we find that shoes can reduce the shock jump outside the human body when foot shock, reducing injury to various parts of the foot and lower muscles, tendons and nerves, blood vessels under pressure, improve athletic ability has no small effect. In addition, different types of shock shoes foot shock effect on the human body it has a special difference. IV, Conclusion 1. The functional requirements of sports shoes. Performance requirements of the sports shoes should focus on two aspects: First, the function to meet exercise; The second is to reduce physical exertion in athletes while tendon from the bone of the foot protection. Including sports shoes: (1) light: the premise of ensuring reliable shoes reduce the quality and reduce energy consumption. (2) ventilation: shoes have good air permeability, water permeability. To do this the one hand, start from the material, the other was washing cycle suction automatically end structure. (3) flexibility: shoes need to have good flexibility, not only helps to get a good bounce, can play an energy-saving, energy storage role. (4) Shock: The shock absorber damping system functions to reduce the impact of exercise on body strength. Shoes to match the shape of cavity and foot, but also improve the damping effect. 2. Sneaker shoe material requirements. (1) Outsole: sports footwear sole function is to protect the soles of the feet, and play to help spring, brake, skid, and shock absorption and other effects. Commonly used material is all plastic, plastic, rubber and PU, etc.. (2) in the end: most have been extended within the base material for EVA as the main body of the porous body. (3) shock system: general materials, including gases (air, helium, etc.), liquid, plastic, plastic, all plastic, etc.. (4) use the service: The main materials used are natural leather, cotton canvas, nylon fabrics, synthetic leather, composite fabrics. 3. Sports shoes sports shoes and sneakers drawbacks of relatively flat soles, plastic large, flexible, young people run, jump up to a certain buffer effect, because the very young students like. But the long-term wear is simply this: As the shoe temperature and humidity increase, easy to change somra foot ligament length, foot becomes wider, over time become flat feet. Sports shoes are mostly rubber material, plastic, sponge, nylon, canvas, etc., poor ventilation, Khan feet long in this "closed" environment, and easily legs moss, dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases. Sports shoes or shoes with almost no Flats, it can not guarantee that the average distribution of the body center of gravity in the whole foot, not the body muscle ligaments, bones and spine to maintain proper position and working conditions, young people wearing the body after the shift in the focus because , the uneven distribution of foot forces there, will affect the gait, such as long-term in such adverse conditions, will affect the physical development of young people


Footwear News Weekly 2010 201 002

nike71 / 2010-01-17 Jinjiang small brand marketing further down the road width of the face of rising raw material prices, the loss of skilled workers and international barriers to trade shoes with high vertical and a series of problems, there followed the bottleneck of the domestic market, domestic lack of progress in a number of shoe or even bankruptcy, but the contrarian and the Footwear Industry in the brand, some brands continue to rise on a new understanding of marketing through entertainment marketing campaign to create a fashion widen the road. How to get out of private Cheap Air Shoes "death cycle" many small and medium private enterprises are characterized by the family shoe Baotuan developed working hard, and made great hardship, with the continuous expansion of capital, size of the business also expanded step by step, companies antenna extension products in the market area has gradually penetrated into different regions and different levels of people object, enterprise supply chain relationships are constantly undergoing qualitative change. The face of brand enhancement, meticulous management of the implementation, management talent introduction and refinement and development of corporate culture, which has been very clearly told the business owners family's capacity has far from fully satisfied in the former's role. 30 billion capital ripening competitive Chinese shoes a lot of money into China's footwear industry, since 2002, has about 300 billion of hot money into China's shoe capital, especially after the beginning of the world financial crisis, foreign investment money into the wind entities in China to do a faster pace of shoes industry in China has been born out of the Li Ning, Anta, special steps such as listed companies. The future, China will be very fierce competition in the footwear industry, 30 billion is not enough money or can mature Chinese shoe ripening. China-ASEAN FTA investment inducement transfer shoe China - ASEAN Free Trade Area tariff advantages for investment in the region add much color, this morning attracted a lot of shoe giant corporate global distribution of ASEAN, the domestic shoe factory in Vietnam, Indonesia and other places have blossom everywhere. After the completion of free trade zone with the "zero tariff" Temptation, leaving many companies "just around the corner."


Prohibitively expensive brand-name sports shoes

Home newly opened stores, selling brand-name sports shoes especially cheap, there are customers suspected fakes. Business personnel to the scene of a search: really true. Law enforcement officers in the Central Market behind this "movement Monopoly" shop and found more than 10 square meters of shop, filled with Cheap Air Shoes , Puma, Kappa, Adidas and other brand-name athletic footwear and apparel, priced generally higher than Genuine lowest half. Neither a business owner running maintenance license, nor purchase certificate, and no relevant brand licensing. Huang boss, store just a family housing, goods consignment was brought from a friend's. Business officers temporarily detained a Nike, Puma, Kappa, Adidas and other brand-name sports shoes and apparel 233 sets (pairs). Yesterday, the business sector has this placed on file.


Jie Mi Li Ning shoes evolutionary history of the Five

Everyone needs a good pair of shoes; have a good pair of running shoes, it is the first step towards healthy living! Advocate the Olympic spirit in today's running of the King of aerobic exercise has been promoted as the first choice for fitness. Does not require any equipment, no special site, no specific time, anywhere - just a good pair of running shoes, a good mood, a road, a runway, a grass ... ... Li Ning, making for a healthy life tireless efforts to introduce ultra-light running shoes for five of the history and meaning of the appearance on technical innovation has greatly improved and improved. First Generation: March 2005, Li Ning has introduced ultra-light breathable running shoes - RunFree, with new ultra-light eva material, selected South Korean imports of leather, shoe upper with a large area with good ventilation and sandwich mesh, while shoes mat also increased ventilation ports, so that permeability increased substantially. Good grip, non-slip design and balance function, so that more stretch run, comfortable. The second generation: the first generation of sports shoes on the basis of increasing the support of the end, built-in TPU pads, arch supports, anti-torsion, power transmission. In appearance than the first generation of significantly more compact in design, style has become more dynamic. But the color still choose the more deep color. Wear non-slip characteristics, so that the Cheap Air Shoes of the movement and safety are greatly enhanced. Third Generation: Optimizing soles of rubber, Monstera tattoo design, leaves stem-like TPU, key parts of the non-slip rubber, the shoes that the maximum movement of system functions. Ultra-light Phylon midsole, so that greatly reduced exercise load, will greatly enhance the comfort of movement. Fourth Generation: continue to shoes burdens! Soles to reduce 22.7% compared with the third generation of the whole 14% lighter shoes, and wear resistance and slip resistance are more prominent. Fifth Generation: Xiang Yu, in order to swallow for the metaphor, color and 3M reflective support progressive form of the light reflecting article, emphasized the shoes such as the swallow-like wings of light and sense! Dovetail-shaped lines and color decorations reflect the sense of speed of shoes! Light, speed, Smart, Xiang Yu portrait interpretation! First time in the bottom wear compression PHYLON material, toughness and resistance are greatly improved Bounce! As with the top running shoes, Xiang Yu in the end still embedded in anti-torsion TPU materials used to support such a lightweight running shoes for safety! Such as the swallow-like flight, Xiang Yu


adidas Adi Dassler Adidas uphold the idea of the perfect shoe

In the world of sporting goods, adidas Adidas has represented a special kind of status symbol, and this symbol was called the "victory of the three lines." Since its founding in 1948, adidas helped numerous athletes achieve so much success feats. Therefore, adidas Adidas also said that a combination of trust and respect everyone the best example. adidas Adidas founder Adi Dassler himself not only a skilled shoe house, also a favorite sport of the athlete, his dream is "designed for the athlete are the most suitable sports shoes." Under this concept, Adi Dassler in 1920 designed the first pair of sports shoes, because of his constant research and development, to make shoes designed by him loved by many top players, not only shine in the Olympic Games, and from the sports arena set gold reputation. Under the recognition at all, Adi Dassler in 1948 created the Adidas brand adidas, and his many years experience in footwear, shoes side by using three lines make shoes fit better into the discovery of athletes foot design new shoes, so adidas brand has three lines form the first pair of athletic shoes will be presented in 1949, before the world. Since then, people have been in the sports arena to see the "victory of the three lines" set by the victory of the screen. Especially in world football on, adidas Adidas suffered no support is a sporting goods manufacturer can match. Especially when the adidas adidas published the first double spikes, the more is the top football players by the support and love, from West Germany in 1974 and organized by the World Cup, played more than 80% of players chosen adidas Adidas soccer shoes, adidas Adidas was able to know the power of football in the world. In the 1998 World Cup in France is by virtue of landlord Cheap Air Shoes soccer shoes, superior performance, played a super level of strength, beating the pack won the championship, the French soccer star Zinedine Zidane was awarded World Player of the Year 1998 title, once again proved adidas "three lines of victory," the authority to ensure that continues today. In addition to football outside, adidas basketball, track and field, tennis, baseball, boxing, swimming and the latest wave of extreme sports and other sports have a place. Many top athletes are known for the quality of adidas impressed: Temple NBA basketball star in public, once shook the moment of Abdul-Jabbar, known Antoine Walker and the current is of considerable attention with the most potential player Kobe Bryant; in professional tennis in Sweden have retired champion Ai Boge, had disdain for the female group to dominate the rear of the German "Yu Luo evil," Graf, and the recent rise of the "Britain's new hope" Tim Henman and Russia and the United States and the just recruited girl Anna Kournikova Small days after Martina Hingis; in baseball have won the 1998 championship baseball team the New York Yankees, the ring have the greatest heavyweight of the century boxer Ali; in track and field, adidas's reputation is the extension of the 1930 Arthur Jonath to present Donovan Bailey, Ato Boldon and Haile Gebrselassie and others. Today, adidas Adi Dassler Adidas still uphold the idea of the perfect shoe, constantly leading and world-class athlete and coach exchange ideas and needs, through a series of repeated tests and tests, develop the ergonomic products not only professional athlete to help improve sports performance they can better meet the general market consumer demand for high quality sports goods. In recent years, adidas adidas, not only in design, function breakthroughs, the concept of representative design of the three lines were also set off a new wave of fashion trends in fashion, sweeping the formation of the new generation of young nowadays popular new style, to lead the world Movement towards a more diversified product vision.


Nike model on how to operate

"Asset-light operating" mode, that is, the product manufacturing and retail distribution business outsourcing, its design is focused on developing and marketing business; mainly marketing and advertising product endorser way. "Asset-light operation" mode can reduce the corporate capital investment, particularly in the production of large areas of investment in fixed assets, thus improving return on capital. Cheap Air Shoes in the early 80s of the 20th century began, "light asset management" model, was when the global transfer of manufacturing to developing countries, the peak period. In the U.S. market, sports products began to shift from mass-market professional athletes. Nike grasp the rhythm of the market changes, reliance on "asset-light operation" mode to change the traditional U.S. sports shoe market business model. From the perspective of industry chain, Nike relies on "asset-light operation" mode