Myth of the founder of Barcelona 7-0 visit will go to Homer 4000 Mr. Wan

Game enough to play on a player worth a tremendous impact, and the Spurs this season, Bell, as in the match Udinese 7-0 Palermo staged Da Sixi Chilean striker Sanchez became a overnight Top European transfer market. March 1, Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" disclosure, Barcelona has sent scouts Sanchez, field trips, participate in the competition over the same period there are Manchester United and Real Madrid. Born in Chile in 1988, the young striker Sanchez, who participated in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. On February 27 carried out the first 27 league Serie A, he only played 53 minutes Da Sixi help rout Udinese 7-0 Palermo. Less than 2 days after the game, he's worth in the transfer market soared directly to the 40 million euros to double! According to Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" disclosed in the March 1, FC Barcelona has sent his scouts field trips and Lionel Messi (micro-Bobo-off) can be played as striker Da Sixi. It is reported that Barcelona scouts back in the first half of the season already undercover club Udinese, when Sanchez in February 27's 7-0 victory staged Da Sixi, the Barcelona scouts returned to the club once the information: "Boss, He also Da Sixi it! "Messi Champions League last season in 1 / 4 final against Arsenal in the staged Da Sixi, but not nearly a year of red and blue soldiers then one person to complete the performance. Barcelona favor of the "after" the Chilean striker Lionel Messi, but Sanchez already worth almost equal to Fabregas. Manchester United during the winter window of the season and Udinese have been in close contact, Udinese hope Manchester United can do Ecuador striker Tim Valencia, the first discount, plus a cash sum of ten million or so will be able to go for Sanchez. With the birth of 7-0 and Da Sixi, Udinese's backs suddenly hard up, they want a pure cash, and the amount is a staggering 40 million. Udinese coach Guidolin attitude of the past two days, but also over the winter has undergone tremendous changes during the window: "Sanchez is destined to become the best striker in the world, one, he is the perfect combination of speed and technology, do not think he can easily leave us something for the future none of us can not predict. "and his speech during the winter is just the window:" Sanchez is a good striker. "soaring with Sanchez's worth is very similar to Bell in the season Tottenham Hotspur line of two pieces Inter Champions League group match, Bell's worth soared into the transfer market in Europe first-class products. Although the price of 40 million is already high, but Barca can dig the money even if it may not be able to Sanchez to the Nou Camp, Real Madrid due to the intervention. Real Madrid this season, scored 55 goals in La Liga, C Lo 25 arranged one, and the remaining 30 goals in just 25 balls to complete by the other striker, scored the second-striker turned out to be nearly six months of injury Higuain. Mourinho will be back in Serie A teach during the praise of Sanchez, a plus, according to "where players intentionally Barcelona, Real Madrid will bid up the price" laws of history, this "Da Sixi maker" of the battle will not be to 40 million just ended. (

Real Madrid team-mate Kaka has been cast aside the locker room: He played on the 1 = less

February 28, according to Spain's "World Sports" report, on the road after the 0-0 draw with Deportivo La Coruna, Nike Shox Real Madrid players on the part of Jose Mourinho Kaka starting to feel dissatisfied, and some even said that to Kaka played , is equivalent to that Real Madrid 10 games. And Deportivo La Coruna in the game, Mourinho's rotation from the two games a week to consider, let Kaka starter. But Brazilians mediocre, and ultimately in the 61st minute replaced by Emmanuel Adebayor. But "the world's Sports Daily" race card revealed the real reason that Jose Mourinho won the league at home this season, won only four games in La Coruna, will not be too difficult, so he let Kaka starting, Dimaliya be sacrificed.JORDAN 2010 Only the imagination of race and the relatively large gap between the Portuguese. "World Sports Daily," that Kaka is now completely unable and Dimaliya than he was "slow, fall in consciousness, and teammates with the unfamiliar, and Dimaliya compared to like a person and Usain Bolt race. "In Madrid, on the way back, some players even think that Mourinho should be responsible for a draw, because he used the card. "World Sports Daily" snooping to some of the players accused the card saying "The coach thinks he can win by 10 people," "because Kaka, 45 minutes before we did the white" Air Jordan Chaussures Jose Mourinho intends to help the card at least once best card back, although he and Valdano contradictory, but the views of Florentino, Mourinho is not not listen. Kaka, Real Madrid 67 million euros to spend, even if this summer to sell Kaka, so that he can get back the state to sell a good price. Although the Portuguese tried every means available, or unable to inspire the card. "Aspen" and "World Sports Daily," the same view: Real Madrid this summer to find the right time to sell Kaka. Since January 3 came back, Kaka in 1350 minutes of the race by only 438 minutes, 32.4% of the total, with two goals. And the peak period compared to Kaka on the pitch became a bit lazy, and began to rely on teammates to pass, especially with Ozil than Kaka but also showing an old state. But Kaka has refused to recognize the state of their own problems after the game against Deportivo Brazilian said: "I feel great, in Li Yasuo, my position is different from the past, but I did not feel discomfort I feel normal. "Kaka is currently under the famous house there are two, namely, Chelsea and Milan. "Aspen" that Chelsea are most likely because the exchange of Ancelotti Drogba Kaka intend to use and pay some cash. Mourinho and Ancelotti each get their own beloved disciples, but some coincidence that two players are in decline. (


Missing a penalty for Real Madrid Barcelona rarely been done an injustice in the end who is an advantage

February 23 of the Champions League 1 / 8 final first leg 1-1 draw away to Lyon, Real Madrid, after Jose Mourinho after the game satire "The referee did not see eye Gourcuff four handball inside the restricted area." Interestingly, even behind the Madrid media after the game Mike Mussina did not routinely criticized the referee's comments,Air Shoes but rather the Barcelona Media generous attempts to help out: "not one, two belong to Real Madrid this penalty is Missing." This Real Madrid and the home team's Champions League Platini has many Aspect knockout, the first Real Madrid away in the performance against Lyon has made considerable progress on the 4 matchups from 0-3,0-2 to 0-1, to today 1-1 draw against rivals,
Nike Air Force Ones one less than the time lost, and then finally did not lose. The second is the emergence of this game debatable penalty details. Jose Mourinho after the game by the accused of the "Real Madrid is Missing a penalty," in the second half, when the C Lo kick left front kick, the ball hit the Gourcuff in the restricted area of the arm, the referee close proximity with the bottom line but the referee has not been penalized. Madrid media after the game, "Aspen Daily" abnormally Mike Mussina did not even behind the usual speech, but did not clearly reported; contrary, the Barcelona media "Daily Sports Daily," Zhu Quan generous attempts. "Daily Sports Daily" said: "Today, the Spanish team is Missing the penalty, far more than Mourinho referred to that time, the longer the Dima Australia have had a penalty, because the Tula Lan pulled down him. "" Daily Sport newspaper, "and even pulled the Dima given Tulalanla Australia game photos, shot in the chest shirt was pulled pull absolutely shattered. This raises an interesting topic, Real Madrid in the match referee did eat the loss, why is Madrid, Mourinho blasted the media do not match referee, but rather the media to help boxing in Barcelona? Barcelona, the first boxing gallantly to the media reports today, is the same for the Spanish team Real Madrid to help out, after all, the war in Europe the game, the Spanish football club is by the total points of all the Spanish team to strive for. Secondly, the reason why the Madrid media reports today, the issue of holding a low-key attitude of the referee, because the nature of the Primera Liga in 3 days after the end of the 24th round, "Aspen Daily" has used computer graphics technology, Bilbao Competition in the final line of defense in the back dragging "erased", to man-made Barcelona players offside Alves "evidence." Regardless of whether the offside Alves,Nike Chaussures Homme Madrid, this approach is the defective media, after the "Aspen Daily" in its official website open to the FC Barcelona and Barcelona fans an apology. This is not the first time that the media work in Madrid a year ago, has also been a similar mapping techniques they use in Andres Iniesta (microblogging) body. In the past six months, from the "false positives recorded a small piece of paper 13" incident, to Jose Mourinho accused the "royal post," Perez biased rivals Real Madrid, Mourinho accused Real Madrid to the top failed to do a good job with the Football Association, community relations, and so the event referee, Madrid, to some extent the media have played a role in fueling. Barcelona the other hand, the media, they bore the referee reported the problem, the basic and Guardiola, "the referee after the game trying not to mention the issue," the style consistent. Rome was not built day by no means cold days, in today's game loss to Real Madrid eating referee that the most needed the support of the media, however, because of the Madrid media discredit opponents had lost over the qualifications of solidarity, but rather to Barcelona, Real Madrid out of the media the solidarity of the hand.

Sudden exposure of 100 million hit Inter Bayern 3 star amazing what motivation behind the rumors

At 3:45 on the 24th, the Champions League 1 / 8 Elimination of a focus in the Giuseppe Meazza war started, the participating parties reached the Champions League final last season,Air Shoes Inter Milan and Bayern final, so the game a high degree of concern scary. To the delicate moment when the war imminent, the mouthpiece media "Inter News Network" has exposed material, Inter Milan will invest hundred million euros in the summer to recruit Bayern three core players - Bastian Schweinsteiger, Ribery and Gemai Sri Lanka. In other media view, this is outside the Inter move with the plate, the purpose is to disrupt the morale of Bayern. women adidas Italian media yesterday, "SportMediaset" revealed that Inter will be crazy to start this summer signings. It is reported that defense, midfield and forward a total of three lines of fancy 7 Inter Milan, Real Madrid's Fernando and Marcelo, Chile C Lobsang Chase, Dortmund Yaoxing Sahin is the list, along with Porto gates Roland , Bologna midfield star Ramirez, a smash hit last season Champions League Porto striker Falcao. According to the media analysis, in addition to the 7 out of Los difficult Fernando Macedo, the rest are a few people can settle the transfer huge amount of the check. Xia Jihao same purchase, the mouthpiece of the media today, "Inter News Network" so-called news of the introduction of three core Bayern, was seen as impossible to complete the transfer. Schweinsteiger and Inter Milan last summer's scandal continue, due to poor record Bayern before the winter break, I also moved to leave the pig Allianz Arena mind. But his teammates at the club level and have persuaded the final signing of a pig with Bayern basically tenure of the contract, which shattered the Inter Chelsea poaching operations; say Franck Ribery, 09 in the summer, "Scar Male "bad step and C Luo Kaka to Real Madrid team-mate to become, but when Arjen Robben to join Bayern, Franck Ribery hopes eventually to see stay," Luo Beili "So far as the wings of most attractive combination of the Bundesliga . In addition, to persuade the pig left, Franck Ribery tribute; As for Gomez, though not as well known before the two large, but this season he is the best player in the state, 27 war 24 balls, shot down 4 hats magic, today's "Super Mario" is fully capable of, and Macy (micro-Bobo-off) European Golden Boot competition. Ask which club would let go of such a high-level players, unless carried away! If the introduction of Inter and Real Madrid's Marcelo Alonso, a seemingly impossible task, then the third will attract Bayern is impossible to accomplish. In fact, discerning eye can see, Inter, Bayern poaching is not the true core purpose to confuse opponents army before the war is the true intent, in other words, this is the Inter move outside the disc. Have to admit, today's state of Bayern too good, especially the former site of the attack group, simply irresistible. Stuttgart won 5-3 victory Kaiser ,5-1 ,3-1 ,4-0-win Bremen Village Hall 3-1 wins Mainz, look at this victory in a field in it! Gomez, Muller, Franck Ribery, Robben mad four games into the nearly 7 of 19 balls. Even the war in Europe last season, Inter Milan striker Milito hottest all lament, "Bayern's front court is too powerful, Inter's defense will face a big test." Bayern attack firepower, while Inter's defense was is very weak, especially in the back side, Lucio, 33-year-old Samuel immediately, the former suffered two injuries this season (just recovered from a large list into the game against Bayern Munich), Air Jordan Chaussures the latter is the season. Cordoba, 35, 37 Materazzi, Nokia now only pull a young defender when playing. Bayern striker to defense group, is the most serious problems facing Leonardo. In this case, the mouthpiece of the way the media exposed to disrupt the morale of the troops already had the message, hoping to give Inter the meager help. Exposed by the media rumors, create public opinion pressure, but also a part of modern football, but it is filled with gun smoke outside football.

Rockets trade Battier or the Celtics sent the Celtics to discuss

February 22, ESPN senior reporter Mark - Stern exposed a piece of heavy news, Jagged Little Rockets forward Shane - Shane Battier as the Celtics signings target, the current Celtics and the Rockets are being discussed the possibility of the transaction, if both parties agree,acheter air jordan then Battier will bid farewell to Houston, to the Celtics. As Daniels and Delong Di - West long-term injury, Celtics backcourt emergence of manpower shortage situation, and now they hope to find some signings targets to ease after the crisis in the U.S. local time On Friday, news that the Celtics have joined the ranks of the bull to chase Cavaliers swingman Anthony - Parker, but the Celtics now have the transfer signings sight, sources said Monday, and Celtics Rockets made representations in order to explore the feasibility of trading Battier. Battier's contract is very good, first of all he is a hardened veteran, know what to do in the field, ideal for the kind of mature team, women adidasfollowed by Shane Battier's contract about to expire, do not take the team future cap space. But it is now too early to talk about Shane Battier joined the Celtics, Celtics hand has cards to play, the Rockets were on the market that is trading one of the most aggressive teams, they also want to use Battier 7.4 million expiring contract to complete larger transactions. As for the Knights Park, the Cleveland has been to inform those who would be Parker's team, they do not want to simply pick and choose his players away, even by first-round draft pick, could not convince Knight Trading Park. Cleveland asset rich can buy with cash to pick, so the trade deadline in the transfer before the arrival of Parker will not be traded. Chicago Bulls are still on the Rockets bench Nike Shox - Li interested in full, the current two teams also continue to explore the Lee deal, but the deal also is unknown, if the transaction you want to achieve, then the Bulls have to pay a Thai - Gibson and Axi Ke, but there will be two people in Chicago do not want to involve into the transaction, it also led to trade rumors just lip level.


Han Xin Yun Bogotá competition lost two Navarro

February 19 News, WTA Tour, Bogotá, Colombia, the International Sani Cole started today Tasman Cup women's singles 1 / 4 finals of the competition. Even after defending champion and top seed grams of the Chinese Han Xin Yun failed to further flowers in her match with Spain in the Navarro players,Air Shoes issued a six double faults in mind, and ultimately lost the next two 4-6 and 3-6 do not enemy opponents. Unfortunately, although the Han Xin Yun stop tournament quarter-finals, but her real-world ranking has risen to 125, setting a record of individual rankings. The Bogota competition, Han Xin Yun's operation is very bad sign, the first two rounds of competition has hit the defending champion and top seed Eagle Marino Rodriguez, but the flowers face of powerful enemies, daring Ganpin, upset consecutive rounds, for their own won one seat eight.Chaussures Sports 1 / 4 final opponents Han Xin Yun players Navarro of Spain, which have "Little Haining," said one arm backhand was her deadly weapons. The two sides had no battle records, this is a letter of the encounter. First game, Han Xin Yun with the first serve success rate of a round scoring rate remained at 73%, but the flowers in terms of the performance of second serve is not satisfactory, 11 second serve only get 2 points and 4 with a double error, directly to the Navarro 10 break point opportunities, while struggling to save Han Xin Yun 9 in which the crisis broke, but still be rivals break a bureau. The Navarro very good first set and serving the state, serving more than 70% rely on scoring rate, Navarro sent the whole game was none of break points, Han Xin Yun Xiandiu a 4-6 result. Second game was, Navarro serve the state has declined, Han Xin Yun had opportunities to successfully break opponents a bureau. However, in his serve, the Han Xin Yun second serve not only failed to improve the state, even the opponents have been repeatedly attacked first serve points. Navarro 4 times to get a break point, efficient completion of the 3 break to clinch a 6-3, so the total score to 2-0 victory over China flowers. Han Xin Yun Although regret may stop tournament quarter-finals, but her world ranking had immediately come to the first 125, breaking the previous 129 to create the world's best record in the personal ranking. Navarro semi-final opponent will be French girl M-Johnson. Today, the latter in straight sets 6-3 and 7-6 (5) Rick local players Castano of Colombia. In addition Spaniard to 6-4 and 6-3 out of Reno, fellow Vida Ghani, Martic of Croatia 7-6 (4) and 6-3 win over Spain's Theo, Reno will compete with the other Martic a final tickets

Ding big comeback conceal chronic illness

February 17 evening, the Welsh Open Snooker 2011 to continue fighting, in a much-anticipated 1 / 8 finals from Wembley Masters champion Ding Junhui against Northern Ireland, cutting-edge "giant killer" Mark - Allen ,Air Shoes 1 to 3 Ding Junhui in the final behind the case, saving three match points in a row, 4 to 3 reverse the opponent scored first career quarter-final match in Wales. However, while Ding Junhui made a historic breakthrough, but exposed into the state slowly, the two high rate of failure flawed, if not timely remedy, will be difficult to beat Higgins and other top players. Ding Junhui 0 Wales 2 behind first round of adversity, the reversal of 4 to 3 out of the third leg of Champions Tour players, "beard" Campbell; second-round match point 1 to 3 sent the critical moment,Air Max Shoes slamming two 50 + with of three wins, 4 to 3 the perfect comeback in 2009 Jiangsu Classic champion Mark - Allen, to his first career race among the eight in Wales. However, the soul-stirring and historical significance of the reversal of the breakthrough, the game itself can not hide the problems exposed, the current state of Ding Junhui in order to claim the championship title, the difficulty is still not small. Ding Junhui has existed since the debut of the shortcomings of slow, until today have not completely resolved, even worse, this game is short of Wales Bureau of Competition, once in front of dozens of good, hard to turn the tide back. Ding Junhui is not a simple ball forward, the slider did not come to a halt ball, cue ball drop pocket, low-level classification for shots frequently mistake after another penalty, although the beat Allen, but this does not represent much smaller Hui hit well, can only say Allen Pifuzhiyong, technology is not comprehensive enough, not stable enough to play. Campbell is downright second-rate player, Allen is no one dare to win dare anyone to lose nerve knife, Ding Wales match real rival has not yet appeared, 1 / 4 final Shanghai Masters winner Jimmy Carter and stability more than sharp enough can not be considered Ding Junhui of the scourge. Semi-final is likely to encounter the UK Champion "white witch" Higgins, and the final may encounter the "Golden left hand," Williams, "Lester clown" Selby, "Melbourne Machine" Robertson will Ding Junhui's red crown is right, to the current state of small-Hui, is difficult with the world number one Higgins contend. First round match against Ding Junhui Campbell,Chaussures Sports the game only 52% efficiency of the safety ball, hitting only 57% success rate, while the distant station is a 49% hit rate, this is not super-class players should be data. The second round and Allen play against Ding Junhui is frequently not the ball into the key, in this "war mistakes" in the has been able to win, to some extent also like to thank Allen's "generous." Little Hui into the state slowly, and the error rate above normal, these two chronic problems are not eliminated, ranking fifth career win champion's dream into a talk about fear. Ding, aged 38, can be reversed Campbell, can reverse the "brain-free play," the representative of Allen, but the semi-finals to face wily Higgins, Ding Junhui rely on to win, do not wait, like Campbell, Higgins, Ai as frequent Hunzhao London? You know, that level of top stars Higgins is not easily make mistakes. (

London Olympic Games closing scheduled election veteran art director

18 announced LOCOG, the British film industry veteran who has been appointed taxi paper for the 2012 London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games closing ceremony of the art direction. Gavin is considered the most outstanding British creative director and choreographer of the guidance.Air Shoes Take That UK big portfolio are inseparable from the many brilliant performances of his work behind the scenes. Gavin is a young,Nike Chaussures Homme professional ballet dancers, and then he began to creative choreography and stage direction, participated in many large-scale live performance. In addition, the award-winning stage and costume designer Theatre designer Devlin took over the post of the Olympic Games closing ceremony, 5 007 film composer Arnold served as music director of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Last June, the London Olympic Organizing Committee announced that the film "The Reader" Dale director of Delhi's four lead British film and television industry "big names" Childrens Shoes officially joined, as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies of the producer. Total Delhi as the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games opening and closing ceremonies creative director, and producer Fisher design, broadcast producer and production executive producer Hamilton Ancient Ukraine joint work. In addition, the well-known film Boyle played the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games art director in London. His film "Slumdog Millionaire" has bagged the best film, best director Academy Awards, including 8.


. . February 15, from the "Daily Telegraph" the source said, Messi (micro-Bobo-off) in a recent interview, acknowledged that Arsenal winger Theo Walco

February 15, from the "Daily Telegraph" the source said, Messi (micro-Bobo-off) in a recent interview, acknowledged that Arsenal winger Theo Walcott is the greatest threat, but also jokes that Nike Shox "the speed of Barcelona team tiger did not add up fast. " Other Western media in particular that the current Barcelona defender prominent problem, Puyol injury healed, and Pick of the Champions League has accumulated two yellow cards, and then that was suspended a collar. Last season, Barcelona and Arsenal in the Champions League 1 / 4 finals meet, first in the first leg, Barcelona scored the first 60 minutes, 2 to 0 lead, but put to Wenger after Walcott , the war situation suddenly reversed. Little Tiger, after playing just 10 minutes, he provided assistance to the forward pass of the Turner line of defense Tuishe Barcelona high-speed tear break. The 后沃尔科特 and using his speed after breaking biography of the Turner ferry to the small ball method, which Bode penalty, the ultimate success in the match gunmen. Then in the second leg contest, Walcott also has a good performance, his assists to help Arsenal 1 to 0 lead, but fortunately the team spirit Houmei Xi character to play, one arranged four goals to help Barcelona to a total score of 6 than 3 semifinals. Although well out of the Arsenal, but the performance of Walcott gave Messi left a deep impression, so even though Wenger thinks this season, the two round showdown with Barcelona's Dutch Van Persie's performance is crucial But the Argentines thought that Walcott is the greatest threat. "Rule of thumb is concerned, he considered the most I've ever met the threat of players. Tell the truth, as a Barcelona player who we rarely say scared, but I can tell you that last season when we face Arsenal When Walcott We are very worried indeed. "There is no doubt the most fear Messi the speed of Walcott,Men Nike Shoes he even joked," Barcelona team players add up the speed fast enough tigers, once so fertile Walcott ball, then you need to have a pistol to make him stop, so the best way to deal with Walcott is not to let him the ball. "Barcelona and Arsenal last season that battle in two rounds, when the red Blue Army are the only two left-back was complete explosion, Guardiola in the first round came back to Maxwell, we see the effects of poor Eric Abidal in the second round as the starter switch, the result is more tragic, or by opening the second half soon be replacing Maxwell. Barcelona left-back this season, the introduction of the all-around ring wing Adriano, but the Brazilians are much playing time, Guardiola to take risks when you may not make him into battle. In addition to worrying defensive left back, the Western media today is particularly pointed out in the back of the ring at any time could become the soft underbelly of Barcelona. "World Sports Daily," said the team did not participate in joint training yesterday, captain Carles Puyol has been impossible to fly to London with his teammates against the Gunners, now the club can only hope that Puyol will catch the second leg with Arsenal in the back. At the same time, the "World Sports Daily" also Chaussures Sports reminded the Peak's defense in this war must pay attention to action not too large, because the Spaniards have been two yellow cards, once again received a yellow card, it will have been suspended missed the second leg of the race. Once Puyol and Pique and no debut in the second leg, then to the powerful arsenal of firepower when Barcelona at any time before the crash.

Russian gymnastics champion retired from the coal mining when breadwinners work hard to Northeast

After leaving the stadium, many living former sports stars have become, it was to jump burlesque, it was to coal mining. This experience can not help but sigh. If the childhood of hard work to pay no law to provide a star for the future protection of the slightest,Air Shoes and that both the active duty, retired, or halfway through a career change, they are fighting for goals in a certain piggyback on to Intuit will be a secular - to make money , living. Time back to 12 years ago, the Australian Olympic cycling athletes Nicole - Tasker to raise money to continue training, in every place call upon nowhere and had to cast aside a family in Auckland danced a brilliant strip club dance. July 2009, a more world's best Olympic athletes and special industry marriage surfaced. London 2012 Olympic Games in order to raise the entry requirements, a Ming Jiaoluo root - Campbell, Running Shoes New Zealand Auckland Taekwondo athletes decided to open a high brothel. He was the target set is to operate as it exclusively for the rich "senior gentlemen's club", so his plan to raise money to do so. For sports incense burner, not only that such things occur in time with specific industry detached. This year, all in the New Year of the launch team nude calendar, and then from either self-help, or to donate to charity, such a thing, including the German women's volleyball team, the German women's football, women's football in Australia, including all of the girls tried. Compared to the above mentioned "development", the more full of realism, it is the story of regret occurred in those who have already retired players who had served. Exiekeli - Eugene is a famous Russian gymnast, who in 1997 held in Stuttgart, Germany won the men's team gymnastics World Cup competition and personal individual parallel bars, rings 3 championship. But when in 2006 the name was again mentioned in a timely manner, and he's coming out where it is in China's Heilongjiang Province Jixi Hulin County, a small coal mine - when he actually played a coal mining work! Arena is not all that life can be successful adults but that is only a few. Face in a picture behind the star, there are numerous active and retired athletes around the "survival" of the proposition busy to quest with.