Manchester City side to stir up trouble again with his brother Yao Xing Chuang women's prison was seized car

As rebellious character, Terry Barlow has always been the media favorite player because he can always create a breathtaking thing people feel, such as Inter Milan AC Milan player was wearing a shirt and so on. According to Italian media reports, Terry Barlow returned to Italy for rest and recuperate, local time October 1, Barlow Terry and his 17-year-old brother En Nuoke for a drive, people are incredible, his two brothers break into women's prisons even drive! Italian media, "Gazzetta dello Sport," reported the news of this dumbfounding, the media said Terry Barlow and En Nuoke ride in Brescia, he saw the occasion of women's prison doors open, in the absence of consent by the police on duty ,Air Shoes the force will be allowed to enter the luxury cars. The ultimate fate can be imagined, not only women's prison was on duty immediately in police custody, but he had been interrogated for up to half an hour, Terry Barlow not to adversely affect women's prison, so in interrogation, will Manchester City star release. In an interview, "Gazzetta dello Sport" interview, the staff on duty, said Presti, the presence of all of a sudden burst into the door to see a Mercedes, Nike Shox and afterwards have recognized that person is Terry Barlow, and revealed that the detained , the Manchester City star was very frightened. "Around 4 pm, we suddenly saw a Mercedes-Benz came in and sat inside two boys, one of which Terry Barlow. We all know Terry Barlow, but the procedure must be taken, when he and his brother are very frightened, said they saw the door open, to come take a look and said they do not know the official permission to enter the women's prison Caixing. Barlow Terry said he was very curious about women's prisons, this is his intruder's motives. Finally, Terry Barlow, or an apology, though the sound is very small, estimated that he was sorry for his actions.Chaussures Sports "According to the" Gazzetta dello Sport, "said Terry Barlow break the news of women's prisons are the media after the announcement, Manchester City star's agent Layiaola the first time to respond, try ignorance of landscaping Terry Barlow, Terry Barlow said after entering the women's prison, the two sides did not occur between the offensive and said Women's Prison staff adore Terry Barlow. "Barlow what Terry did nothing wrong, in fact, very popular with the staff where he was welcomed and worship, Terry apologized to Barlow." Layiaola publicly said, "I was inconceivable that it did not do what all the fuss, but the staff blew the whistle on this matter, I can only say that the root of the matter is concerned, everything is Terry Barlow fame thing. "

Portugal Super: Zhang Chengdong to send the ball off the bench at the sub-lore

Beijing at 3:15 on October 2, Portugal Super League 2010/11 season opener for the seventh round of the competition, sits Leiria Dr. Pessoa University of Coimbra Stadium against powerhouse teams, and ultimately a loss earlier the case of the ball, 2-1 reversed by the home three-game winning streak. Nike Shox Hidalgo head start for the first half, second half Kaer Lao tie the game, the game at the last minute, came off the bench to complete the Chinese players Zhang Chengdong lore. The campaign over, Halo 3 wins, 2 7 2 losses rose 11 points being fifth in standings. Before the game, Halo 2 Leiria 6 wins, 2 2 8 points came in the negative plot 9th, University of Coimbra Ensemble Halo 3 wins, Airshoes 2 6 1 loss came in second place. Leiria recent good form, sits on a 1-0 win over Rio Ave has 2 wins and 1 three home unbeaten. The game, the Chinese players Zhang Chengdong did not start, continue on the bench, En Jiaer Leiria Cuichengbazhai partner Kaer Lao is. 4 minutes, Costa Xiadichuanzhong, Hidalgo 18 yard volley wide. 7 minutes, Wayne Hughes's corner, Leiria restricted chaos hit the crossbar other pop-up rescue, the home team escaped. 14 minutes, En Jiaer 8 yards Tuishe, goalkeeper Peissel flying out the fire. 17 minutes, En Jiaer shot again Peissel resolved. 29 minutes, Valente Xiadichuanzhong, Gotha Jordi grab the ball before the other strikers forfeited. 32 minutes, University of Coimbra field team broke the deadlock, Suo Geao right-sided mass in front of Qiangdian Hidalgo broke ,1-0! 36 minutes, Sawyer Gonzalez passing, Kaer Lao missed shot again. 39 minutes, Sawyer Gonzalez periphery long missed. 44 minutes, Ze - Antonio pass, Kaer Lao's hit the door was Peissel saved. The end of first half, when the home game 0-1 behind the LGI into intermission. Easy side battles, Leiria did not make personnel adjustments. 47 minutes, Paul kick attempt long-range he missed outside. The first 50 minutes, Costa pass, small-angle shot wide Morales Ruiz, 53 minutes, Leiria substitutions, replacing Pat Rio Lima. Subsequently, Valente right-sided biography, Gotha Ronaldinho strike the ball confiscated. 56 minutes, Leiria once again make personnel adjustments, Brigitte and more replaced Silas. 72 minutes, more than 25 long-range Brigitte, Peissel once again struggling to resolve, then pass by winger Wayne Hughes, En Jiaer again miss the opportunity. 74 minutes, replacing Paul Chinese players Zhang Chengdong play. 79 minutes, Leiria finally leveled the field, Kaer Lao use the other line of mistakes, shot inside the restricted area guarded the door to break the Peissel 1-1! The first 82 minutes, Antonio shot inside the restricted area was Peissel resolved. 85 minutes, Brigitte was also more than a yellow card fouls. 87 minutes to complete Leiria go-ahead,Chaussures Sports the Chinese players Zhang Chengdong then teammate kick pass, a header hacked the fingers off Peissel ,2-1! This is Zhang Chengdong Leiria's office in the sub-goals, but also Chinese players on the court in Portugal over the first goal! Finally, Leiria 2-1 at home to crack Coimbra University team. With this victory, 3-game winning streak at home success ushered in Leiria, remain unbeaten at home this season. Leiria Lineup (4-4-2): 85 - Gotha Jordi / 5 - Paul - Wayne Hughes, 13 - Bruno - Miguel, 77 - Ze - Antonio, 80 - Patrick / 20 - Cable Yalei Si, 4 - Patriot (53 '70 - Lima), 21 - Marcos - Paul (74' 99 - Zhang Chengdong), 11 - Silas (56 '8 - Brigitte multi) / 27 - En Jiaer, 83 - Kaer Lao

Germany List: popular new nuclear selected Barak missed Real Madrid Gemini

Beijing Oct. 1 news, the German national team coach Joachim Loew announced today the October 22, two European Cup qualifier squad, Barack still did not enter the list, Dortmund star Grover Trask will be the Lufkin Lutz the focus of investigation.

Borussia Dortmund this season, a strong recovery in the traditional wealthy, 22-year-old Grover Trask Roots played a central role definitely help the Dortmund team to 5 wins and 1 loss record ranking second highest in the Bundesliga, he himself into the three goals. Germany's World Cup in South Africa youth storm some bright spots, Grove is expected to become Germany's Lutz LANDesk new boosters.

And compared on a large list of the German squad also added a new face, Manchester Air Shoes re-elected, Grover Trask Lutz is out injured for the Bayer Leverkusen striker Kiessling. Old captain Michael Ballack still could not selected, Ram will continue to wear the captain's armband. Gemini Ozil and Hedi La Real Madrid will play the German team before and after the convergence field.

"At this time we do not need much (team) to adjust." Loew said, "We have a current strength of the absolute self-confidence, the World Cup, European Cup qualifier before the two games, are in line with expectations."

South Africa World Cup, Germany won the third place, the European Cup qualifier in Germany after two straight ranked team A group first. October 8, Germany will meet in Berlin, the Turkish team's challenges at home, four days after the expedition they will be Kazakhstan. Where a warrior with the Turkish team group qualify directly about the situation, the Turkish team is currently also two straight victories, but the difference on goal difference came in the second group.
Nike Shox
"I look forward to the confrontation and the Turkish team, which will be the absolute focus." Loew said, the influx of tens of thousands of Turkish fans in Berlin, Berlin, into a moon and stars for the Army's home, Loew no fear: " There are many Turkish lives in Berlin, they are fervent supporters of the visiting team, we have prepared well to deal with. "

Here are 22 of the German team roster:

Goalkeepers: Adler (Bayer Leverkusen), Neuer (Schalke 04), Tim Wiese (Werder Bremen)

Defenders: Bud Stewart Bell (Bayern Munich), Boateng (Manchester City), M-Jensen (Hamburg), Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich), Per Mertesacker (Werder Bremen), Ritter (Walter Cliffs Fort), Westerman (Hamburg)
Chaussures Sports
Midfielders: Grover Trask Lutz (Borussia Dortmund), Hedi La (Real Madrid), Cross (Bayern Munich), Marin (Bremen), Ozil (Real Madrid), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich ), Tela Shi (Stuttgart), Thomas - Muller (Bayern Munich), Podolski (Cologne);
Forwards: card test (Stuttgart), Gomes (Bayern Munich), Klose (Bayern Munich)