Yi 10 points for the first time on double wizards continuous springtail jazz meet two wins

January 18, wizards at home with 108-101 force springtail jazz, obtain two wins. Yi game and are good play, he made five of ten full-court contributed 10 points and two rebounds, two consecutive game scoring in double digits, and this was his first consecutive season scoring in double.


Video: wizards 108-101 victory jazz full-court yi 10 points
Yang 25 points, 11 rebounds Nebraska qiqi 21 points three steals 4 blocks, wal-mart 19 points, five rebounds 15 assists lewis 13 points, Aaron McKie seven points, 11 rebounds. Utah deron 28 points and 11 assists, Jefferson 25 points and 10 rebounds, Paul milsap 11 points and six rebounds.
Although opponents strength, but the premiership home game, Nebraska wizards bottom spirit dye-in-the-wood strange back-row attacks managed Nick young perimeter in three points, the home team racked by 11-4 lead. Paul milsap after two foul shots after, but wal-mart continuous send out assists, wizards will soon with a 17-5. Jazz now put a rude awakening, deron 3 successive 3-pointer after, both parties points difference was gradually close, but the wizards still control game situation, yi also because melchizedek foul overmuch got injured. In the first quarter ended, the capital of home games team with 21-18 lead.

Times festival opening yi showed good form, he soon after wal-mart assists after jumper, both of you to me to entwine several rounds again after yi to force, for three consecutive made all DanWuXuFa scored six points, including a fast-break raid achievements, what is worth mentioning, yi this section have been all eight points, all from Cornwall assists. Half-court remaining four points 24 seconds with achievements, wizards xinliantie layup 39-32 lead, but after all strength strong, steady jazz applecart after they began chasing thirds brigade, first four shots hit o all joined feeling slipped a bit, after four shots, half ZhanBa no hit wizards still with 42-39 lead. Wal-mart hit interesting performance, a half had 11 points and 10 assists respectively, but also have six turnovers.
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Geographically fight again both of you to me to continuing battles, deron again after a 3-pointer, jazz will lead to 50-52, but also in the perimeter lewis in color. Bell long shots hit pulled into 55-57 after the home team, played a wave of 14-2 impact and success with 71-57 lead. Although the jazz hot pursuit, but wizards firmly hold 10 points advantage not to let go. Three ZhanBa capital club to 78-68, with 10 points lead into the small. O lian that section 1 minute left flank hit when 26 SEC, personal ascent to double-digit scoring.

Deron small firing again, he quickly hit individual game 5 3-pointers. But the home team small continue to control game situation, before the end of the game 5 points for 47 seconds, wal-mart playing three x-raydiffraction hand after, the wizards still with 93-79 lead. But who can ever expect to have such an jazz should bounce back, and during the next four points more minutes time, the jazz have hit a wave of 19-8, and breath will lead to 98-101. Critical moment Nebraska strange at first two foul shots after that, after Nick young bottom line three points, the wizards to ensure victory in again.

Natural and unrestrained four combo yi back continuous double he no longer rust

January 18, wizards at home with 108-101 force springtail jazz, obtain two wins, this season first obtain winning streak. Yi full-court and had a good game, he made five of ten contributed 10 points, this also is he the season made consecutive scoring in double.
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Actually, one game against Toronto, and yi will have to force of performance, in addition to 10 points and four rebounds outside, yi small that steals after dragon re shot-blocking, but also become the focus of the post-match hot debate. Although the game yi is not so to force the lens but objective speaking, in the stable over, his performance today still have perferct place.
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First yi today feel quite good, especially in the first quarter, after he had been playing for four consecutive shots, completed the natural and unrestrained four combo. Among them aside from a fast-break re beart outside, the rest 3 times are through mid-range strike your opponent. Obviously, in the last two games build self-esteem, o shots after united also appears resolution and resolute, this is obviously a very good phenomenon. Especially the re worth mentioning, Nebraska strange at first in the defensive end steals, wal-mart first time send out straight, like a car like has reached the other sports ged of yi freehand brushwork shots, relaxed hit. Perhaps as the game that "stepping bicycle re one-stop" (ap reporter language), but its offensive awareness still revealed undoubted.

Secondly, it is worth noting, yi first two all eight points from Cornwall assists. Surface to see, this shows that yi and draft very calls, But in deep observation, this undoubtedly explained in continuous play well, the performance of yi will gradually began to gradually got teammate trust, and start to be able to get some comfortable shots. Full-court ten shots in Washington squad can also into the fourth row, second only to Nebraska strange, wal-mart and Nick young.
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At the same time is worth mentioning, in find confidence after the game, o yi also exceptionally conversation. Subsequent an attack, then he goes to the basket in the penalty area and tried to lift a stormy waves, but Utah now have glance the state hot yi, he first forcibly layup after Boston, pick up to secondary attack again by Richard Jefferson rebounding a record big hat damage, ended in hues.

Of course if from fault-finding Angle, also really easy to find some the insufficient place, for instance, united first four shots hit after all six shots and only made one ball, for instance again full-court played 20 minutes he only grabbed two rebounds. How much all some say no past, but then again, from injury after once been limited to now can obtain stable playing time. For yi it is already a delectable leap. At least saunders, it seems, now of yi, already no longer "rust".

Bayern dark rob the new Claude makelele 20 million offer was the real prey

Despite have dug came from HuoFenHai's powerful, but bayern Munich midfielder gustavo midfield pace is still not stop. The bundesliga giants have already seen the French club Ryan young midfielder jiri grace - mladen villa (Yann M 'Vila), they hope to 20 million euro price acquisitions, the French new jin international. And, apart from bayern Munich outside, including real Madrid, Liverpool, the many giants in tracking the hope star.
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Tim aston villa this year is only twenty years old, was ligue 1 emerged in a single star to. Last season he at rennes jam assured of his place in the side, because have the super interception ability, mu villa soon get the favour of French coach blanc. In 2010, August, mu aston villa in the French team, and for the first time in Norway and England in the friendly book-usually. In Victoria eyes, mu villa were is expected to become the next makelele type character.

This year the transfer window, bayern Munich have come from HuoFenHai Tim dig, but van geel gustavo still liking for Tim aston villa. According to the RMC radio discloses, bayern Munich has started approach Ryan club, testing each other for Tim villa transfer attitude. According to authoritative media "market" given data, mu villa is now worth about $160 million euros, but the bag of bayern Munich has sent out of 20 million euros offer, hope impress Ryan, in the January transfer window will be the star to to the allianz arena.
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In has been gustavo circumstances, bayern Munich still offer bynum aston villa. From this detail analysis, German media that captain mark van bommel who cut it will leave bayern Munich. Previously internazionale have hope to get the Holland international captain, but mark van bommel who cut seem more willing to move into the premiership, currently he and Liverpool are playing on fire.

Tim aston villa and Ryan contract until 2014 expires, but French media agree that before that he will certainly hope was gone, because Ryan's villa can sell a good price. In addition to bayern Munich besides, real Madrid and Liverpool also in tracking Tim villa, but they haven't been given a detailed quotation. The star to hope was in Ryan at least until 2012, but according to the current situation, he has will leave.
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RMC radio says, Ryan club are considering bayern Munich's offer, after all 20 million euros for an undisclosed fee quite attractive. Due to the bundesliga giants in the transfer issue attitude very sincere, so if the future within one week of Ryan aspects didn't get other quotations, they will officially start bynum villa's negotiations. If the parties agreed, Ryan is likely promised to bayern Munich's request. (Ben)


Ryan: now my heart only Manchester united will return to wales team

Since friends become wales coach since speed, united legend giggs return to wales were speculation has been constantly, in order to not affect united preparation for the tournament, Ryan giggs finally stand repudiates the matter. Beijing time January 14th, giggs has accepted the guardian, a British newspaper, interview, the welsh legend in the interview made it clear that will definitely not be again for wales team participate in international tournaments, Manchester united was his only.
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Last December, Ryan giggs Pal speed formally took over wales' office, speed at the beginning, then to giggs issued the invitation, but I did not answer at united veteran. In recent days, speed again invite Ryan giggs to return to his national team, this time giggs did not at first to respond, so the British media reports began wantonly Ryan giggs will return to wales team. In order not to influence the next games in Manchester united, Ryan giggs to accept the guardian interview repudiates the return to wales were possibility.
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Ryan giggs said: "I'm not going to play for wales again, I will throw all the energy used to play for Manchester united. I know the set-up of wales speed can very well, he was a great player, we have fought together. If he needs to come from me get some Suggestions or anything else, that there were no problems. I wish him the best of luck, I wish he could win." with wales When asked when he retired, Ryan giggs gave no definitive answer: "I always say, there are three things that decide my future: if I can play, whether also enjoy football, and body healthy. According to the current situation, everything is positive, so I continued to battle."

As Ian rush after the most influential wales star, Ryan giggs in wales after playing 64 times scored 12 goals, May 2007, Ryan giggs called wales', he hopes to be able to concentrate completely on Manchester united. International career, Ryan giggs has never joined intercontinental contest, this also is his career biggest regret. Wales were in recent years distance to the world series last in euro 2004, but they in qualifying play-offs in total score 0-1 defeat to Russia, Ryan giggs at Cardiff's millennium stadium weep.
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In subsequent interview, Ryan giggs also talked about in winter introducing zhe secco Manchester city, the welsh said: "with current Manchester city roster and depth, they can win the premiership. They can be purchased in January to zhe secco such good players, so you have to alert them. In my opinion, Manchester city is nowadays the premier league, 4-5 teams have prematurely one of the teams." Although rivals Manchester united are still numerous, but the premiership leaders, Ryan giggs also against the side filled with confidence: "as a team, we still have room for improvement, we have on the achievements to date was satisfied. This is a very tough league this season, each team to beat opponent. Just the past 10-15 years season for appears dark horse. Although we are not in every game show the best competitive state, but we will often be able to find a solution to the problem, we possess solid defense, hope we can play better."

Manchester united have announced winter fourth man leave tomorrow star on loan to championship

On January 15th, championship at hull city club officials announced, the team is on loan signing a 20 year-old Manchester united midfielder Corey Evans (Corry Evans), and he will be in bo think fe park stadium club until the end of the season. Corey Evans in united's fourth person, the winter leave after Amos, horse of cheddar and Emmanuel Karen's successively leave.
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The 20-year-old Corey Evans is Johnny Evans' brother, 19 years old when he was representing Northern Ireland international arena team to new, has played seven times, have a goal. He and his brothers Johnny Evans, as in united's youth team had grown up in the first team, but he did not get the chance to 2010 October 22, he has short rent Carlyle united a month, but still be forgotten.
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Corey Evans 2007 into united's reserves, in 2008/09 season's reserve game, he's played very well, was even wear a reserve team captain's armband. Due to the characteristics of the backcourt tiger balm, he can also play at centre-half position. 2009 on May 24th, he had got first team, the signs of the 2008/09 season in the premiership last round to enter the competition squad, but got no chance, interestingly, the game of united's opponents is hull city.

Due to the game at Manchester united get exercise, Corey Evans quickly and hull city aspects reached an agreement on identity in the club until the end of the campaign. Hull city in this year's championship league disappointing performance, at present the tiger legion in 26 round by only 33 points after row in 15th in the league, but because the championship competition is intense, hull city distance additional division only six points, through the gap in the winter market recruiting, they also hope in the championship's second-half game make a difference.


Tottenham VS Manchester united prospectie: left-wing knight duel giggs 600 wars

January 17, 0 10 PM, 2010-11 premiership season 23rd round, continue at white hart lane, Manchester united roadies against tottenham.
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Read a Ryan giggs VS bell

Although giggs, bell on the pitch as a clash, but I'm afraid previously no time like this, can match the same fetching attention. As the world of football and welsh winger Ryan giggs the most representative of whether or not the banner to bell, the game will have an answer.

After last season after fame), bell's personal ability in the season to become more like perfectly. European champions, his wallop makes the world first right-back maicon completely unsuccessfully. This he will have a chance on home soil, and Ryan giggs to a real with other players.
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Read 2: tottenham can feei united hind legs?

In the present world championship, Manchester united are still the two games leading also ranked second city, two points, advantage is huge. Because of this game, Manchester city, Chelsea, Arsenal's opponents strength relatively weak, so if the spurs not Manchester united, can make the premiership situation will become more ankylose some.

Tottenham 11 at home this season 6 victories, four draws 1 negative, to Chelsea, Manchester city, such as teams are unbeaten in Liverpool, today's overall strength and state generalisations, tottenham not an impossible victory over Manchester united.

The third Ryan giggs first 600 times for united play league

The tottenham game, will be the first 600 times for united giggs attend English top flight. 1990-91 season, giggs for Manchester united in the league for the first time, when he was 18 years old. So far, Ryan giggs total for Manchester united attended the old British armour 40 league games and premiership 559 premier league games, total 599 field. But in Manchester united's league appearances history list, Ryan giggs or below bobby charlton 606 field, row in second place.

Convenient information

· venues: London white hart lane

· live television: no

· tencent live broadcast live: the character data

Local weather: fine, 8-11 degrees Celsius

· ZuCai index (Manchester united) wins at 2.30 flat 3.20 negative 2.80

Worst record: spurs 10 years be united
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History of the two teams, united 79 exchange 151 times 37 flat 35 wins. Win For united this season at home, united with nemanja vidic, nani's goal 2-0 win over tottenham. Be worth what carry is, in May 2001 at home after the 3-0 win over Manchester united, tottenham, with over 10 years haven't won united, meantime 23 games five draws 18 negative.


Barcelona strongest man already showed the west b leaders Pope horse started playing counterattack

A 5-0 victory over two legs gave barca king's cup quarter-final get ahead, which highlights abundantly. Remove messi (micro bo blog) full-fledged luxuriant performance and dual-core interspersing selfless dedication outside, west b leaders betis and eager to beat Barcelona for many teams find a way, this is in defensive technical secondary school play carles puyol at this point.
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Diariosport for this game directly set a sex: "Barcelona half a body already exploration into the semi-finals. After all, in Barcelona in hundred history has never faced in any cup first leg won five - 0 victory over premise, the plight of the second leg was comeback. And since the summer of 2008, Barcelona team since teach josep guardiola fundamental not in one game above net negative three goals.

An old Chinese saying goes: "fugui risks in prayer." Although balance.as king cup quarterfinals in the only team from west b team but betis is by no means the Spanish football team, they third-rate traits of their opponents, especially for against Barcelona characteristics extremely familiar. History has two teams in the king's cup encounter the knockout stages of the three times, and betis in two will be Barcelona, they eliminated success was grabbing barca long campaign of transient vulnerabilities.

The Barcelona game "provisional" vulnerabilities, and betis is carles puyol in the game, especially in the first half, aiming at the implementation of self-destructing carles puyol defenee zone, once achieved good effect. In the first half, betis completed seven times counterattack, five times a threat (full-court 10 times counterattack, seven times a threat), among which the first 20 minutes Murray natrium counterattack dribbling into the box, after the deduction carles puyol and shooting hit edge nets, First-half stoppage time for 1 minute, betis counterattack is find opportunity in carles puyol defenee zone, one leg shot hit the crossbar pop-up, the goalkeeper pinto have no reaction.
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The last two seasons, who has two relatively weak team developed against Barcelona way, KaShan ruby method is 5 defender plus three quarter, use individual striker cling to solve problems; the speed of Hector libraries' way is using star players in midfield and the 2 to 3 people to cooperate, namely drenthe assault, trezeguet shooting and valdes energy. But as long as Barcelona oneself do not despise your enemy, it both ways not fine effect.

Betis today against Barcelona and use the grasp of carles puyol mentality, actually is a kind to Barcelona player, especially for puyol throughout the season state of a kind of precise reading. Now nearing 33-year-old carles puyol, body function has much less than the 2008/09 season treble period, and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa tour consume Barcelona lion king too much energy.

This season, carles puyol encountered twice his injury-ravaged, are not red blue warfare, uniformity in the season to national team to better prepare for and Argentina Argentine National Day games-time training strained a hamstring late in 2010, both is Catalan united and Honduras friendlies strain, which also led directly to the groin carles puyol missed 2011 three matches. What is worth mentioning, this also is the most since carles puyol teach josep guardiola late a personal New Year's opener.

In 2010, 29 November Barcelona 5-0 real Madrid country Derby, real Madrid full-court only played three times a threatening counterattack. Also is 0-5 loss to Barcelona, betis players highest-paid only a million euros, not a star, so their counterattack efficiency is higher. According to la liga and the champions league this season with real Madrid, Barcelona schedule the second game of national Derby will on April 18th, just with uefa champions league quarter-final connect tail, that is very tight team this season the third stage of the devil fixtures.
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Symbolizing Barcelona spirit, is the present age carles puyol the second highest (maximum is pinto), is a main 11 people in the elderly. As the second and third stage race will come, devil twice this season of his injury-ravaged season avelers keep can puyol state, will be Barcelona in 2011 annual harvest honor direct guarantee. Want to know, Barcelona in carles puyol the positions several missiles spare tire, respectively is captain has never pavano milito, lifting not on the wall of gaza, and mourinho nie lack of experience of patna, slightly reliable is twice the guest centre-half DMCS booth g ci. As long as carles puyol state is not high, here is temporary short board. Barcelona

Josep guardiola

Also is a 5-0 scoreline, josep guardiola but think Barcelona on January 13, the king's cup quarter-final first-leg clash with betis game, play better than play real Madrid harder. For the golden ball award results, it should be thought ominous fc Barcelona's honor, his heart is not the best player won prizes Harvey (micro Po) and iniesta (micro Po).
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In his post-match press conference, josep guardiola firstly summarizes the movements of the game to: "I do not deny but that it is a very good results, and we achieved one that scoreline." Guardiola said at the same time, with the palm of her gestured 5-0 scoreline, in 2010, 29 November Barcelona 5-0 victory over real Madrid, pique have made the gestures became the post-match focus.

Then josep guardiola for betis be highly appraised: "I pointed out that the score, and not for betis don't respect meaning, on the contrary, I have great respect for today's betis, betis didn't have as we so many good players, they can let us many times encounter danger, has very amazing. Regardless of the score results, betis today made with our vie chance of quantity, the only difference is our player just got FIFA golden ball stimulation, our players in the game more excited than rival cosco."Air Sport Shoes

For Barcelona in the game's window, josep guardiola will compliments give the Harvey and iniesta, not just won the golden ball today staged a hat-trick messi (micro bo blog) : "my players were the best, in my heart without first and second difference, though they (golden globe judges) deleted my two 'first' players, but it won't change my mind about their recognition."

Josep guardiola to his squad in the game today the insufficiency, also be the considerable commented: "the score not hide a lot of things, in today's game, betis' defensively than we are. If not we caught a counterattack chance to break the deadlock, maybe today betis will make us lose 3 ball; and betis lost an excellent opportunity to (Fidel castro onto the post). I now will not to make any future games prophecy, because it would be to your opponents' don't respect, the football match is a wonderful projects, any team may appear in any circumstance.
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Finally josep guardiola also talked about pique and alves in the first half of the "war" : "the game when I have noticed it, at half-time I talked with them, without any question, they in the dressing room. I think embrace reconciliation between the players on the pitch has some exchanges, even a little excited little communication is normal. I don't think there is any respect or disrespectful topic, this problem is not to pester."

Betis manager MEL later in congratulate Barcelona victory over, also expressed messi admiration: "congratulations on my opponent has made such victory and our team can hit the top eight, already very satisfactory, Barcelona is extremely powerful. Congratulations messi won a golden globe, also congratulated him on his first game in the award-winning after finished hat-trick. How I hope in betis messi could play, but if put on our messi blue, green and white shirt, I will feel very strange, messi only wear red clothes Barcelona play basketball is the best Lionel messi. In the next several months, our work is very simple, to kill back to la liga is our primary aim."

La liga experts say real Madrid are interested in winter purchase listed 3 big condition worry the ghost mike mussina

Real Madrid striker higuain already in the United States accepted lumbar intervertebral disc corrective surgery, although the operation was successful but convalescence need at least 4 months, Argentina had earlier this season, and real Madrid squad reimbursement another striker Ben yzma and always state not beautiful, whether jose mourinho wants to borrow a transfer to bring new striker? La liga experts and international football famous journalists BinYan (micro Po) in tencent micro bo disclosed on top, real Madrid in the winter actually want to buy striker, but standards are very high, it might annoy jose mourinho frown.
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BinYan reporter in tencent micro bo top write a way: "given higuain's injury, real started preparing winter blood transfusions, standard have capacity and cheap to be able to play in the champions league. More difficult!"

In BinYan revealed the message that come out, real Madrid winter seeking rifles basically has 3 standards: the first is to have actual strength, mourinho don't hope to introduce a gray to dine, The second is cheap, this shows that real Madrid President perez and don't want to hit out money in January, The third is to be able to play in the champions league, premiership and champions league for aims to double title of real Madrid's speaking, are able to play champions league that is very important, jose mourinho wants someone can in the champions league with this yzma launched duffer race.

But, can satisfy the three standards striker is not much. Originally while wolfsburg zhe families are still play uefa champions league qualification, his strength is also worthy of such big teams to real Madrid, but unfortunately his price is high, and now has been snatched its fabulously rich city. In addition, according to British media reports say, mourinho intends to introduce united Mexico international Elmer, completes, but "small pea" has represented Manchester united played champions, but his price is not low.
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In fact in such standard in front, even well-informed BinYan endless also and exclamation: "difficult!" But as long as careful discrimination.meanwhile, still can find some accord with real Madrid standard, such as Manchester city striker adebayor, Togo this season has been thoroughly hated, zhe mancini under the arrival of secco more announced his in the team's "death", although adebayor has represents Manchester city beat the champions league cup, but as long as real Madrid no longer introduced an play champions league cup player, and that adebayor could represent the team in the champions league, and Manchester city agree on a season-long loan let Togo people leave, this means that real Madrid to pay his 16 million pounds of week can.

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In addition, according to sky italia experts da meters secco revealed, napoli card harish also mourinho the right target. It is reported in coaching inter when mourinho appreciate cavani talent, when he had repeatedly proposing that moratti introducing the Uruguayan, now Madrid sought-after efficient striker, already this season in 19 league matches scored 13 goals card harish undoubtedly is a quite good choice, but the 23-year-old striker and bigger promotion space. Just Naples never lose their town team treasure and they introduce cavani when spent 20 million euros, surely now sell much higher than the price requirements of the offer. (


Triple crown hero and there is a NaGuoXianSheng inter scored his abrupt increased

Inter win treble queen, this season there is an obvious slip, many champions are involved in the dispute. But the past six months, maicon, milito, eto 'o, cambiasso etc once back dispute,Air Shoes
has played the normal levels. Only one person, regardless of how to also cannot be satisfactory. This person is cristian chivu. Gazzetta dello sport says, today inter win the turning point, is replaced chivu!

When is the game 66 minutes, Airshoes
inter face catania "tightest defences + quick counterattack" tactics, not only break counter-puncher tightest defences weakness, but suffer frequent defence hidden trouble. At this time of the camera television director constantly switching to leonardo, everyone knows, right now inter must make adjustment to the hook. Leonardo recruit is substituted chivu, change goran pandev. "The market" text live member was comment is: finally replaced the romanian lets a person shook his head!

Objectively speaking, chivu aren't entirely contribution. At least he data very luxuriant: 89 percent of pass rate, 4 clears, such data to an wing-back is also calculate qualified. But sometimes, when data is deceptive. Might as well from chivu four times of the four times, clears clearance at least 2 times is in to the team gets in the way! Once in the 52nd minute, catania left hanging into the box, inclined preach man craster pull together screams to abandon door attack, see inter goalkeeper will get the ball, chivu ran half turn to clear. Because romanians clearance kick of the mian soft and weak, cristian ledesma in big box online stealing the ball and get to attack the door, then Custer pull together opportunity has lost position! If ledesma shot quality tallish, inter will concede. Fortunately ledesma shot dozen was so soft, this just let lampoon of ran back to pull together the Custer position will ball. If this scene appeared in the champions league on words, what let a person consequence is unimaginable.

Another is in the first 62 minutes, catania team maldini Mr Right dribbling assault, he positive dispossessing chivu after the ball trip to big, cordoba has can break the ball, but remember cristian chivu has a ground ball from the right put spade spade to middle, in large area before the ball after maxi rodriguez - lopez recording an shooting prowess, fortunately hit ball is neat ball, Custer pull get. This from the data on look, is also a clear, but the clearance is really isolatedly, and gave the team among things. As a full-back, chivu was so easy as the breakthrough of the opponent is shame, so blind, but also a bit of shovel not so-called. After the "slow motion" gave chivu, and points out the minimum points: "before he was substituted in the offensive team catania more from him, and he launched this side and substituted zanetti appear here after, inter rapidly blocked opponent counterattack corridor."

In fact this season similar scene been repeated, either an opponent with inter confrontation, can choose chivu side to assault. At first, they think, is for wing-back protection is insufficient, eto 'o only lead to inter often left by opposition breakthrough. But after half an year people found the countless times, as long as is zanetti left-back, even if eto 'o likewise not unreturnable, inter's usual defense is enough to let a person be at ease, changed chivu after was different. Therefore inter defence adverse left, tactical reasons is indeed on the one hand, but also on the other hand, ability is insufficient chivu If a full-back rivals a blunt can breakthrough, clears also cannot under shovel, let a person be at ease in assists aspect again dozen not out of the things to come, then this name wing-back exactly what desirable place?
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Anyway, inter capture treble of 11 this season, a lot of people have sparked controversy. Cristian chivu and milito, maicon etc like people, both had been attacked "prematurely senile". But milito prove himself in club World Cup, maicon recently retrieve morale after also played the championship level, but no matter how change, the boss how tactical change, the team atmosphere how to change, chivu always can let a person be at ease. Now, leonardo took only two games, the adjustment of the butcher's knife point chivu, romanian may be forced to introspect: is he the seat.

Actually inter not can replace chivu candidates, Thornton in bench, and several have been waiting game under 20 youngster in Italy GuoQingDui has superior. If chivu again so wasted time, then in his starting line-up time perhaps entered the countdown.


South Korea Mr Captain confirm join shide eight treble plastic Korean central axis

In dalian shide club confirmed, south of main QuanGuangZhen joined the club, South Korea media recently again leaks, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will JinZhenGui with south Korean international captain QuanGuangZhen together to PiaoChengHua. Shide insiders also confirmed that the fifth foreign aid is also from South Korea's players.
Nike Shox

Dalian shide club yesterday announced their fourth place this season, in the list of foreign aid and ahn smoothly after signing, they and south of the main one and QuanGuangZhen DMCS signed a two-year contract. Meanwhile, dalian shide club, said they were in recent signing five foreign aid. According to the reporter understanding, this new signings is from South Korea's players. Recently, Korea media "east Asia, south Korean players news revealed before JinZhenGui and south of main QuanGuangZhen international will take refuge PiaoChengHua, and points out that the dalian shide club's fifth aid, is JinZhenGui from South Korea.

A fifth shide in talking about foreign officials saying: "this new signings strength than QuanGuangZhen better." ShiDeDui player, also said PiaoChengHua have public comment, next season they will introduce two south Korean players and staff has been made. Through the description, shide personage JinZhenGui very accord with their fifth foreign aid image.

In 1985, was born in JinZhenGui 18 years old in South Korea, field reinstated the boss secondary defender was regarded as HongMingPu successor in 2006, in South Korea, and on behalf of the national team participated in the World Cup in Germany, in 2008, led by captain for the identity of the Beijing Olympic Games, the South Korea's youngsters manager, is ShiDeDui coach PiaoChengHua dalian, because having such mentoring, PiaoChengHua will JinZhenGui to dalian to, it is a patternly things.

Last season JinZhenGui with main identity help Seoul team to win the premier league, as a central defender, JinZhenGui height standing 1.83 meters, has the good leaping ability, defensive ability is very good. Meanwhile his set-pieces very outstanding, often staged free-kick directly scoring modernism-styled program, in 2005 semi-final match, east sino-south Korean football direct dialogue, in JinZhenGui direct free kick by, help backward Korea drew draws brigade in China.
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By the end of the season, Seoul team with coach Da Vinci's departure, the team will inevitably occur within a series of change, JinZhenGui may lose his starting place. In such cases, the contract expires of his choice to mentor PiaoChengHua, also is normal choice. PiaoChengHua in LiWeiFeng agree tardy coming situations, have lost patience, it was introduced, the initiative to club statement, he can give LiWeiFeng, in such a case, PiaoChengHua choose a domestic players to fill in the right-back, is the most reliable remedial measures.

If JinZhenGui joining Liverpool dalian ShiDeDui, then the dalian ShiDeDui will next season, completely is entered hallyu style. In the playmaker, QuanGuangZhen ahn in centre-backs, JinZhenGui in the centre of defence position, wear a dalian ShiDeDui line-up. In the last two seasons, ahn in the team is very clear role in midfield and more of the time all depend on and he alone supported and the new season two south Korean players coming in, no doubt, strengthens the team's overall strength, also for ahn of play, provides better support.
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Due to dalian ShiDeDui suddenly have three Asian players, so that they can in most circumstances, can guarantee on four foreign aid team playing qualification, but the foreign aid role to be even more pronounced. With five new signings gradually implement, dalian ShiDeDui in midfield and powerful attack last reserves portfolio at the same time, at centre-back also did strengthen and improve, five foreign aid basically teams up ShiDeDui framework of dalian.

GaoHongBo: replace him fearless surely I can see the title that day

When asked about the first opponent Kuwait's understanding, GaoHongBo said must avoid its abilities, do not let their morale "should play gulf team said Kuwait is to keep the best state team, they just won the champions cup valencia gulf, not only playing very well, morale is still very high. I also saw some media including introduced this session of Kuwait is golden generation, so tomorrow's first game we don't let the other side as far as possible the momentum type,"
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For GaoHongBo mentioned future goals. Reporters are also very interested in succession, GaoHongBo means for cross-examine oneself's long-term goal is to make the country foot can form a set of molding of dozen and style: "through the year long-term adjust, hope we play can get inspection, follow Kuwait, Qatar these teams to see whether we play. The characteristics of echoing because China football in the past year experience different style coach guidance, but we failed in creating your own style, it is our Chinese coaches in the behind of the key work."
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During the meeting, GaoHongBo around 8 times mentioned the present China is a "young" team, and young people tend to pay the tuition fee in the game "" this point, GaoHongBo said," any football games are existing competition and learning, especially the Chinese culture study is very important. So we also needs through different matches to learn different things."

In some days Qatar boss metsu for China behind closed doors training this practice, but also feel amargeddon brave have mastered China brigade of large quantities of information, while in spying on the enemy on the one hand, to replace him whether you have sent a recruit, chess GaoHongBo said, "as I listen to Chinese journalists say them to peep Qatar training certificate confiscated mischief. I also very much understood as a media because you work need is to understand team, as your work. But as a team we like war, cannot all speak, we train of thought and play if you play before they speak out, then don't call fight."

When asked about the group stages and for GaoLin, Yang xu two big striker using on this sensitive question, GaoHongBo answer not only show their "taiji" as the language wisdom, but also reveals the controlled in franchise "chessboards", "I think A group of four groups are appear hot team, so each team is key to see on-the-spot performance. Every meal we work team will be discussed day work, talk to team. Frankly, this time all of Qatar, 23 members are in A horizontal line, this session of national team we always give the players on the coaching staff development idea is" you came to England, you're coach thinks the best players. "Every game 11 starters is based on their opponent's tactical characteristics, not to say who is main who is on the bench."

While in by reporters asked whether in the match, a newspaper last defeat at valencia team hatred, GaoHongBo is think it appears very insignificant, "on history. Especially China football we have many historical flashbacks, as this session of the team we hope that history won't happen again."
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In the interview, but also a reporter at the end of the "China as the first and populous when can obtain the Asian cup, enter the World Cup" this topic put forward, GaoHongBo cleverly used a humorous words solutions, and entertained a burst of laughter, "Asian and World Cup without what immediate _ relationship? (laughs) football is a team, sometimes his squad can not necessarily finally went to the podium, still have a lot of luck and control inside. As I speaking, I can see China obtain Asian champion day."

All-star dunk contest and without griffin disengaging realignment James into

"Little emperors" has been in the all star dunk contest this issue swing, this also anxious that bad desperately want to see griffin matchups James fans. According to the Los Angeles media discloses, Chaussures Sports will be held next month dunk contest list was premature leaking, besides wanzhong expect 'beast-god' griffin determine attend besides, previously stated "interested" participating the stars are so,Air Shoes
including the legendary James, treble nate Robinson, and last entry lakers guard shannon brown.

On Friday, the NBA dunk contest list will be announced at home, and griffin whether can staples staged "one-sided" performance, when will a little rapist.