Ronaldo-style Pato ready to come out 5 years later, he is the world's No. 1

Pato has a lot of recent controversy, the key dispute is that Pato's speed decreased, the body has become stronger in the. Whether this change is a curse then a blessing? League first round, Pato with two goals to prove, his body changed at the same time, technical style, are quietly going through tremendous changes.
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According to Pato's own words: "I came to Italy in 2007, when I was only 18 years old, height 172 cm, weight 71 kg. And now, 2010, I'm almost 21 years old, height 180 cm, I and body weight has increased to 79 kg. " But Milan laboratory that Pato could grow to 1.82 meters, 82 kg body weight increased to the most appropriate.
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Weight gain, while Pato's speed decreased. At least, on August 20 of the 60 m speed test, the Pato run Biboeteng have slower. So many people have expressed concern that this change is for Pato Is it good or bad?

League first round, with the problem, it is more serious to view Chapa Tuo game. Proved, Pato became stronger after the play for his own is more beneficial. He scored two goals, participated in the first 3 goals. Among them, Pato is a very comprehensive display capabilities.

The first goal of this team, Ambrosini assigned to the right, with a right foot volley Pato restricted area on the right far corner, although the ball hit the low ball, but it is fast and let goalkeeper by surprise. After reading the game know that today the state of Lecce goalkeeper Rosati is very exciting. This show is Pato the ball on the tremendous progress in power, but we all know, Pato arrived in Milan, the power not long items.

The teams second goal, Ronaldinho corner out, the former point guard Pato Kang Zhu, lightweight ball Slide Road, causing chaos in front, Tiago - Silva broke succeed. In the past, Pato melee in the corner, many are looking for opportunities outside the area forward runs, or after the point look for an opportunity. Now he dares to stand before the point, this show is his confidence about his physical condition. According to "Gazzetta dello Sport" provides data, Pato physical confrontation today, nearly 7 percent success rate, which shows that confrontation is no longer his weakness.

The teams third goal, it shows that Pato's speed advantage. A small rosetta broadswords, Pato flat line with the situation back to start, three two-step formation of the absolute superiority on the broadswords, eventually go past goalkeeper broke. This also shows that, despite strong physical change, but the speed of Pato has not been affected.
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In addition to three goals Pato are involved, he also had several outstanding performances. It is worth mentioning that the two lenses: the first 39 minutes, crossing the ball Ronaldinho, Pato chest stop the ball, his defender from behind trying to Yi Zhu, and if for doing two years ago, Pato will definitely knocked moved, but this time, Pato is still against the lower plate in chaos, complete control of the strike shot, but he denied by goalkeeper with the body. Another time was 43 minutes, Ronaldinho picked biography, Pato accelerated forward runs in the crowd, opponents tried to pull him from behind, but not drag not live. Change in the past, this is unimaginable.

Must point out that: Pato is now about 1.8 meters tall and weighing about 80 kg, the body is no longer a purely "external front" of the size of the. Have to note that when the aliens known as Ronaldo, is about 1.83 meters, 82 kg. Pato will take into account the further growth of height and weight will also change accordingly, so the future may not just break Pato position outside the front type, but may become a center of the material!

This is to bring new thinking in Milan. Recently been suggested that Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, Pato composed of Trident, the Ibrahimovic is not suitable for play center, because 08-09,09-10 Ibrahimovic hit a single center were some problems. Ibrahimovic is the most suitable location of the shadow striker. Who will play center then? If Pato Zlatan Ibrahimovic can turn the top two center positions, then let rivals Milan's attack lines against the more difficult. From the first battle of view, Pato center can be an option. Nike Chaussures Homme

In any case, Pato after 2 years of tough training, and gradually from a simple speed-type players, to "speed + power" type of round striker. If he can continue this upward trend, then 5 years later, when Didier Drogba, Villa and so when the world's top shooters have fade out, Pato absolute strength of the first striker to compete for football eligibility. Pato himself very confident, after the match, Italy's Sky platform to the audience as the best. Pato the face of the microphone, said one sentence: "This is not the best of Pato!"

Serie A - Inter Milan away draw with Eto'o in the beam without Shuai relegation team

Beijing at 2:45 on the 31 August (PUMA FUTURE CAT ), started the first round of Serie A games last a race, Inter Milan 0 to 0 draw away just fired coach of Bologna. The second half, Eto'o hit the crossbar, Bologna "rogue captain ball" Diwa Yue prevented an acting coach Magnani substitutions.
Two teams had met 3 times in the first round of Serie A, Inter were 1 to 0 win. October 1, 2000 Reggina away a negative result than the two Lippi after school, Inter remain unbeaten season opener (5 wins and 4 level). In Serie A history, the defending champion to lose the last first-round back in 1991, Samp away 2 to 3 negative Cagliari. Compared with the European Super Cup, Benitez replaced two starters. Zanetti back to defense after replacing the injured Maicon, Stankovic mariga replacement, Pandev return to starting.

36 hours before the game, new boss Porcedda Bologna fired Colomba, youth team coach Magnani being led. Several new aid, the Gavilan, Keer Xin, Pisano, Bouche to injury, only Eckedahl high Rich and Rubin can be played. February 10, 2002 2 to 1 after winning the Serie A, Bologna, Inter Milan 12 games against numerous (Air Shoes ). Bologna nearly five season unbeaten season opener.

Opening 7 minutes, Chivu on the left sideline forward pass, Eto'o advantage of the opportunity to knock Milito, Milito left wing cut into the restricted area, 13 meters in front of the office right foot shot was blocked Portanova. 11 minutes, the high Ridge low passage, Eckedahl shot in front of the office was mariga 17 meters he denied.

Counterattack after Bologna hold our ground. 14 minutes, Diwa Yue collusion in the head of the farm frontier closed area on the left mass, Lucio first to Disembarrassing far outside the instep, Jimenez 18 meters in front of the office hang She Kongmen higher. After 1 minute, Casarini was Chivu top right corner out of high Ridge 25 meters in front of the volley wide of the right goal post. 20 minutes, Rubin left back transfer from the High Ridge closed the door on the right 13 meters Office, he denied dumping the ball volley was Chivu, Casarini out the right corner, before the dot pitch door Portanova Top 5 meters from the Earth out of ammunition confiscated by Cesar.

He denied being Eckedahl mariga long-range beam. Sneijder behind the hook down Casarini, Valery took out the referee's first yellow card. 30 minutes, Sneijder on the right top corner is Mudingjiayi out, Cambiasso 22 meters in front of the office above the left foot volley. 34 minutes, Milito long-range blocked refracted to the restricted area on the right, 11 meters in front of Office mariga oblique partial taking a trip column.

Materazzi and Stankovic came to express their dissatisfaction sideline, the referee asked them to return Valery bench. 37 minutes, Eto'o instigated counter, Sneijder midfielder go past one, Esposito stop eat yellow card fouls. 40 minutes, Sneijder left out corner, Viviano did not reach them the ball, Lucio did not do well after the goal post, Eckedahl Disembarrassing end the confusion. After 1 minute, Mudingjiayi counter Zhise, Diwa Yue restricted the right of return, Jimenez office in front of the chest, stop the ball 13 meters above the right foot volley!

Pandev Rd counter-point, Sneijder left the door 19 meters away from the low shot was Viviano Department confiscated. The first 45 minutes, Sneijder 30 meters in front of the flash beam strong kick. First half injury time, Samuel and Diwa Yue Zheng Ding, broke a hole in the left brow was bled through the bandage to continue fighting the intermission.

The second half started 2 minutes, Eckedahl low shot wide of the left goal post outside. After 1 minute, Pandefusai ball, Milito 19 meters in front of the office turned to volley was Viviano confiscated. 52 minutes, Milito pretty extraordinary right-sided mass in the arc the ball, Pandev penalty point-hoisting shells to be Viviano is a waiting one. The first 55 minutes, Eto'o breaking the left with defensive line continuous variable transmission may seem small-angle shot, Viviano rush ahead in Milito hit out the ball times Chuliaodixian Sneijder. After 1 minute, Eto'o left wing low passage, Milito heel clever Hui Qiao, Sneijder 18 meters in front of the Department volley partial taking a trip column. 59 minutes, Eto'o left rib cage disease into low shot from 20 meters rub the door wide of the near post defender, with Housineide arc in front of the ball 18 meters office closed Viviano flying out.

Mudingjiayi brought down Sneijder, was booked. Benitez to make the first substitution, Kudiniao who replaced Pandev, the home team is replaced with Delarroqua Eckedahl. 63 minutes left foot pass in the right-sided high-Ridge, Jimenez door after the dot pitch is 11 m Department header lob Cesar plucked.

Jimenez was Meiqiaolini replaced. The first 70 minutes, Eto'o left wing two pass break, Milito back to do mariga 17 meters in front of the office he denied his right foot shot was Britos bottom line. 73 minutes, Eto'o left wing cut inside the overturned by the high Ridge, Sneijder left the door 23 meters away from the office any ball near the arc angle, Viviano letters flying out with one hand!

Inter missed the first goal 74 minutes! Eto'o left rib mass Guoding Qiu, Kudiniao stop the ball pass in the restricted area on the right, Eto'o volley at 3 m in front of the shot hit his head hit the crossbar in the Viviano. With Houmalijia was Meiqiaolini kicking down after the other without retaliation under the ball and was booked. 76 minutes into the restricted area Cambiasso accurate Guoding Qiu, Eto'o 9 meters in front of the Department does not timely Chuangtzu, results are Britos down under.

Magnani intends to use the Chaussures Sports replaced Mudingjiayi, Mudingjiayi Although some accidents, but still toward the sidelines, this time there amazing scene, the captain stopped Mudingjiayi Diwa Yue, and called Magnani cancel substitutions, Magnani only "from life." Biabiany replaced Milito. 83 minutes, Kudiniao right-sided mass in the left foot after the point of Biabiany find, but outstanding performance Viviano way off. 87 minutes Sneijder-point shot, Chivu cross from the left, the Cambiasso hook shot to extend the leg after the point of not marked.

Casarini Lucio back down to the ground, was booked. After 1 minute, Sneijder strong long-range result Viviano sell, Cambiasso up blank range, but Viviano struggling at the foot of scrambling.Air Sport Shoes replaced High Ridge. Added-on time up to 6 minutes. Added-on time 4 minutes, Zanetti was brought down, Sneijder Department takes the kick 32 meters in front of the ball Men Nike Shoes he denied any bottom line. Added-on time 7 minutes, Samuel brought down Diwa Yue, long-range free kick by Cesar Di Wayue be. 0 to 0 for both the draw. Magnani ran into the venue and appreciated the excellent performance of Viviano.

Bologna (4-4-2): 1 - Viviano / 16 - Esposito, 13 - Portanova, 6 - Britos, 19 - Rubin / 32 - Casarini, 26 - Mudingjiayi, 12 - Eckedahl (63'7-Delarroqua), 8 - High Ridge (90'77-Nike Chaussures Homme ) / 20 - Jimenez (68'69-mejo Rini), 9 - Diwa Yue.

Inter Milan (4-2-3-1): 1 - Cesar / 4 - Javier Zanetti, 6 - Lucio, 25 - Samuel, 26 - Chivu / 17 - mariga, 19 - Hom biasso / 27 - Pandev (62'29-Kudiniao), 10 - Sneijder, 9 - Eto'o / 22 - Milito (81'88-Biabiany).

Spanish melon-C Roy lost the single-pole, because of Mourinho's first level shows Real Madrid

Beijing at 03 o'clock on the 30 August (local time at 21:00 on the on the 29th, Spain), the Spanish Football League 2010/11 season, the focus of the first round of a race war in Air Shoes Stadium, Real Madrid away than 0 0 draw with Mallorca. C-Ronaldo and broadswords Higuain lost the opportunity to debut five new aid, Mourinho's first show did not win.
Real Madrid close to 4 times a guest Mallorca Island League made 3 wins and 1 level. The two sides clash league history, 49 games, Real Madrid 30 wins 9 losses prevail 10 level, where the road level of 13 wins 5 losses 7. This is Mourinho's first league after the Real White. The new aid Canales, Dimaliya and Carvalho were starting line, Ozil, Hedi La and Pedro - Leon at bench. C-Ronaldo Raul put away the "7" shirt starting line.PUMA FUTURE CAT

4 min, C-Ronaldo left wing break by Senderos uprooting, which was referee verbal warning, but Real Madrid's lack of any direct threat to the ball. Real efforts to enhance the rhythm, the first 9 minutes, C-Ronaldo pass, Higuain breakthrough in the direct line of defense shredded Mallorca, but go past has been lost after the shooting angle Abat, the last pass in the Canale Williams was the first to header guard Disembarrassing. 10 minutes, Ramos forward pass, Higuain was wrongly offside. 14 minutes, right field pass Higuain was rescue, Dimaliya much point passing, C-Ronaldo missed Jinshe edge of the area.

The first 16 minutes, Dimaliya pass, C-Ronaldo left back even after over 2 to 25 yards inside the cut low shot was easily obtained Abat. After 1 minute, Alonso tackle on Victor fined yellow card fouls. The first 26 minutes, Canales forward pass, Higuain was almost single-handedly, but was behind the interference Reuven lost focus, Argentina stumbled continue to adhere to a breakthrough, but the interference in the Abat will attack the ball hit Chudi Xian . Higuain questioned the referee, Mourinho has also expressed dissatisfaction with the sidelines to the fourth official. By Higuain Kepo brow of Abat after treatment Touchan bandage continue the race.

Mallorca for the first time shot in the first 34 minutes, Deguziman out corner, nodding the ball before Núñez Casillas Gongmen be confiscated. Sergi interference Casillas kick-off was booked. After 1 minute, Alonso pass, C-Ronaldo missed 30 yard left-footed striking office. 41 minutes, Nsue pass, Castro left back edge of the area rubbed his left foot volley wide of the right column. The first 45 minutes, Castro left back Xiadizhuanzhong, Nsue far in such a small restricted area near the edge of the missed header Gongmen angle.

Mourinho has not made adjustments at halftime. 49 minutes, crossing the ball Dimaliya Higuain, but the Argentine volley ball stopped behind will be A Yueze Disembarrassing. Mallorca first 51 minutes almost broke, Nsue right-sided mass in the two Real Madrid defender behind them before the point of Victor Gongmen small edge of the area above the header. The first 55 minutes, Dimaliya win Kicks, C-Ronaldo 30 yards Department direct shot, the ball barely missile to shoot after Abat. 59 minutes, Benzema and Ozil replaced Dimaliya and Canales, respectively.

60 minutes, Marcelo won Kicks, but C-Ronaldo's shot but hit the wall this time. 63 minutes, Ramos forward pass, not pulled down from behind A Yueze Higuain, but in time will attack Abat ball jumped out from the foot of the Argentine, Higuain Fan Shen Chuan-shot before the ball no one Cohesion . The first 65 minutes, Ozil forward pass restricted to the right of Higuain, but A Yueze Disembarrassing timely tackle. With Houeqier out corner point eight yards before Carvalho headed Gongmen higher office. Alonso then pass in, C-Ronaldo heels get shot by Abat.

69 minutes, Deguziman direct free kick 30 yards Department, shot, ball ammunition to after Casillas saved in the bottom left corners. Mourinho spent the last places in the subsequent substitutions, Hedi La replaced Arbeloa, Lars - Diarra retracement fullbacks location. Real Madrid in the 78th minute miss, Benzema forward pass, the success of anti-C-Ronaldo offside restricted on the right failed to shoot, the final small-angle shot wide of near angle. 79 minutes continuous cross & A Yueze and Kaweinaji, Pena volley slightly higher than the edge of the area.
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Real Madrid once again miss the first 84 minutes, C-Ronaldo forward pass, Higuain restricted left side with 12 yards of single-pole, he denied the leg shot by Abat, Benzema 14 yards to the ball Shepian Department. The first 85 minutes, crossing the ball right-sided Benzema Higuain, Senderos rub the ball Disembarrassing. 86 minutes, Ozil cross from the left, the Abat attack trying to intercepting golf, Hedi La Qiangdian 12 yards wide of the top header Buddhism. 87 minutes, was shot inside the restricted area Deguziman Carvalho block.

C-Ronaldo with 后森德罗斯 was out of court, but the latter did not foul play, Senderos sent off to the fourth official expressed dissatisfaction with a yellow card, Real Madrid was the throw quickly referee whistle stop, Muri Ronaldinho was also dissatisfied with a yellow card. Mallorca satisfied with the result a draw started to stall for time, Hold the ball outside the mascot is not Renghui venue, Lars - Diarra ball back across the billboard. Real Madrid still have a chance at the last minute, 91 minutes, Ozil 10 yards shot by Nunez office he denied the bottom line. The first 92 minutes, Benzema 14 yards Department lacks the power of play into the hands shot it exactly Abat.

Mallorca Lineup (4-4-2): 13 - Abat; 22 - Senderos, 16 - Nunez, 5 - Ruben, 17 - A Yueze; 8 - Nsue, 19 - horses City, 12 - Deguziman, 11 - Castro (72 ', 28 - Pena); 18 - Victor (61', 7 - Pereira), 26 - Sergi (46 ', 10 - Kaweinaji)

Lineup Real Madrid (4-2-3-1): 1 - Iker Casillas; 17 - Arbeloa (70 ', 24 - Hedi La), 4 - Ramos, 2 - Carvalho, 12 - Marcello; 14 - Fernando Alonso, 10 - Las - Diarra; 22 - Dimaliya (59 ', 19 - Ozil), 16 - Canales (59', 9 - Bunzl Ma) ,7-C-Ronaldo; 20 - Higuain Chaussures Sports

Home draw against Deportivo Coruna 0 Real Zaragoza than 0.

Espanyol Getafe home win 3 to 1. 34 minutes, Kalaikhum pass, Osvaldo Jinshe break. The first 55 minutes, Miguel - Torres Disembarrassing mistakes, Osvaldo Jinshe corner brace. Getafe pulled one back in the 62nd minute City, Del - Morales hit Garland deflected pass in the network. 94 minutes, David - Garcia pass, off the bench Dattolo launched into Buddhism.

Osasuna 0 home draw against Almería than 0. Almería League win away to Osasuna has never in history, after losing 7 times a guest depart. The audience little chance the two sides, the first 93 minutes, Almería defender Carlos - Garcia was sent off.

Villarreal 0 to 1 loss away to Real Sociedad. 57 minutes, Prieto kicked the wall with the same Lorant, who heel pass, low shot broke Prieto edge of the area.


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Kuyt went to Inter Milan, said the pro: Liverpool informed me that Inter have to offer

First Kuyt agent Rob - Yeung Sum's publicly admitted to Inter Milan's interest in Dutch; then Moratti also from time to time to the outside world that Benitez is on Kuyt's love; then Liverpool boss Hodgson open Kuyt is the team to the media that "for sale", but in Liverpool and Trabzon Turkey, the EU carried out Dutch Cup qualifying and did not debut, Air Shoes there has been much media speculation. Finally, yesterday confirmed to the media I Kuyt: Liverpool, Inter Milan have already received a formal offer to him.
Despite Turkey's final away win Liverpool expedition, but the Dutch did not debut in the match, caused many people to guess, yesterday told the "Daily Post" in an interview to reporters, PUMA FUTURE CAT he finally solved the secret of which : "Thursday night I received a call from the Liverpool management, they have been officially informed me that the club received a fax Inter Milan, Liverpool made a formal presentation of their acquisition of application. This is a situation I did not really expected." library ite, the reason that no one really expected, because the club coach to the media before Hodgson announced that he is the club's "not for sale." Inter Milan coach Rafa Benitez is keen to join Kuyt, he even wants the Dutch to wear black and blue shirt in this week, the European Super Cup in England. Moratti also very willing to meet the requirements of Benitez because Benitez White almost made the club after the only real requirements. But Moratti want to UEFA, "the financial principle of fair competition" under the rules to allow the acquisition of players, it takes time to process. After all, after two years of the policy be formally implemented, UEFA has started investigation on the major European clubs.

Kuyt transfer to Inter Milan on rumors flying, the Italian journalist Gianluca Telelombardia - Rossi has unveiled a one insider: "In fact, a few days ago, the management of Liverpool and Inter Milan manager on the cloth Lanka and Aoxiliao beautiful in a small town in southern Switzerland, Lugano for a secret meeting, the theme of the meeting is the Dutch Kakuyite. Inter Milan winger has decided to bring the Dutch city of Milan, on the library Iraq Special of the transfer negotiations, significant progress has been made. "

It now seems that the Red Army might be more inclined to opt for cash plus player exchange transfer transactions. While Paulson has been introduced from Juventus, but Beijing on August 20, Liverpool announced that Italian Aquilani Juventus on loan, making the Red Army need to find a right midfielder to to fill the midfield vacancy. Liverpool took a fancy to speculation that the teenager Aobin Na Inter Milan, Inter Milan before the teenager in the United States has a zipper outstanding performance, even in the 3-0 victory over Manchester City scored twice. Inter Milan as long as the news that took out seven million to eight million pounds would be sufficient to allow the Red Army outside Jiaaobinna release, appreciate the fact that Hodgson has been midfielder Sulley Muntari,Chaussures Sports but Ghana has refused to move, He has publicly stated on many occasions refused to leave Inter Milan. In addition, Inter Milan are considering Brazilian Mancini in exchange for a player to transfer the negotiations, he can substitute Dirk Kuyt in the Liverpool winger role, just Inter Milan also want to get rid of this program is not in the team he took the burden of salary. In short, Kuyt from Inter Milan has been very close, the next few days will be a defining moment.

Total: 0.01% Pato Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined without the possibility of replacement

As the owner Silvio Berlusconi tight Kouzhuo their own hands, silver, refused to continue throwing money in the transfer market, bring in the summer in Milan, and not much action, but as time goes by, the transfer market and 10 day draws to a close, the media hyped the possibility of transfer Ibrahimovic and other big search for Pato substitute other news, Milan general manager Adriano Galliani on the fans did answer. Air Shoes
Saturday night, Galliani told Italian media interviews, first mentioned just near Milan striker Boateng of Ghana. It is reported that Milan Genoa in order to get Boateng and pay for the 100 million euro loan fees, next season, Milan have the priority right to buy. However, this is media speculation, plus the total transfer made in the awful explained: "We have not decided whether it is leased, perhaps in the transfer market will close before we come to buy their half of the Suoyou Quan, are now either Bo Aten join Milan on loan in the form of, or are we Genoa common Boateng. " Air Max Shoes

No matter what way Ghana international is to join, he is appointed Milan coach a player with good physical and tactical discipline is very high, Gattuso, Pirlo and other veterans of the game state in decline, Bo Aten to join Milan is no doubt that old midfielder to add fresh blood to make up some very good veteran of vacancies was high as a revitalization of Milan Milan important member of dynasty.

Ibrahimovic's name frequently and recently linked with Milan, but the agent had Ibrahimovic Ibrahimovic has come out publicly that will continue to honor the contract between him and Barcelona, will not consider other teams. Galliani also confirmed that this has made: "Ibrahimovic has always been our dream, but 99.99% will not achieve this dream. Ibrahimovic is a great player, he has had a success at Inter, however, He is unlikely to come to Italy, because the 12 million annual salary he is very difficult for us to accept. " Chaussures Sports

But Galliani is also not fully to the words of death, he said: "People live with the dream will make your life better, life is like a dream, so the transfer window closed before we look at what exactly it will happen. "

Among the current Milan team, at the forward has Inzaghi, Borriello, Huntelaar three center, and in the shadow striker Pato on one person only, Pato the lack of a replacement, it seems that Milan have been a weakness, the fans are very concerned about whether the Pato of Milan to find a suitable replacement, but Galliani tone with a joke given the answer: "If Pato sick, we will carefully take care of him, we have a good doctor. "

For the new season for Milan would be a big test for the team in the transfer market and not much investment, still rely on old and in the future after 70 thousand claiming that three-game combat mission. The team also will give some young people more opportunities, but the Rossoneri order to revive the former glory, the investment is essential. How to be a reasonable investment to Galliani and Silvio Berlusconi of the consideration.

Serie A royalty break 1 billion mark for the final "mini World Cup" is expected to return?

In the past decade, with the successive rise in Spain and England, has swept the world of the Italian Football League is gradually being marginalized, and even long-time partner of CCTV have almost given up buying broadcast rights. However, according to Italian sports business information company StageUp's latest report, the new Serie A season, the total transmission costs have exceeded one billion euros mark for the upcoming 2010-11 season, the Serie A thus be seen as a good opportunity to name the team again.Air Shoes
As in the past few years, Inter Milan Serie A has a dominant, loss of serious players, so the team sponsors and ticket sales on investment income have varying degrees of reduction. However, this loss is completely able to compensate for increased transmission costs. Serie A last season, the total transmission cost of 8.3 billion euros, now StageUp disclosure has exceeded one billion euros, increased by more than 20% of the entire Italian league is great for the Gospel.
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Although the European rankings, the total income or Serie A behind the Premier League and Bundesliga, but the backward part of the cost already is no longer broadcast, but the stadium on match day income gap. UEFA bound for the financial situation of the club have been very strict, but StageUp but rather that this is Serie A's new opportunities: "In the 2010-2011 season, the Serie A league will have a good chance (to rectify the name for themselves)."

It is worth mentioning that the broadcast fee income increased, and as usual will not only benefit the team for giants. Since July 2010, the new Serie A season on the broadcast fee distribution plan have been released, although this approach is not perfect, but very good protection of the interests of small and medium sized team. Under this new program, broadcast Serie A fee will follow the "4-3-3" principle of distribution, the first part of the 40% average to 20 clubs; the second part of 30%, according to the influence of team distribution, 25% in the number of fans, where the urban population by 5%; the third part of the same 30%, according to results distribution, according to 10% from 1946 to 2005 results, 15% in five years, according to recent results, 5% When the season ranked according to distribution.
Chaussures Sports
According to this new distribution methods, although still occupy the top three North Fang Sanjiang position, but the advantage of already shrunk dramatically. But like Rome, Naples and Lazio this team, single-season broadcast fee income can be doubled by the new program, more than 50 million euros is no longer a dream, Serie reproduce the "seven sisters Golden Age" is also likely. Even those teams ranked at the end of the belly, also carved from this big cake, a small share of Debu, no wonder the Italian sports minister on this very exciting: "The future may be a Reggina have won."

Blatter, FIFA study group arrived in England: here is for the World Cup

This week, the FIFA World Cup delegation arrived in England, started the World Cup 2018 in this country for a four-day routine inspections. In the beginning of the inspection, FIFA president Sepp Blatter's remarks touched on the deep for the whole group in England, in Blatter's view, if the World Cup held in England, then some will become easier. Air Shoes
"In fact, the simplest way is to embrace the World Cup to England." Earlier today, in a media interview Blatter this sermon, "where all the necessary modern football, stadium, fans, and basic facilities, no doubt this will be the most convenient. "

Capello's Three Lions in South Africa this summer's performance was so disappointing for the fans, Blatter also expressed regret. Not only that, Blatter said the World Cup bid is one thing, the team's performance in the World Cup is another matter, FIFA will not be linked to both. The implication is that Spain and the Netherlands, the bid will not because they have the World Cup in South Africa will benefit from the outstanding performance of favoritism.

"Host country's national team's performance in the World Cup has nothing to do with us, the entire bidding process is absolutely fair." In fact, Russia is the biggest rival of England this bid, to this point, seems to agree with Blatter, "When Russia is ready to host any tournament, you must not be ignored, after all, this is a very large country, and sometimes the power of nature will be amazing."

It is understood that the main PUMA FUTURE CAT
of intellectual Football Association (Harold Mayne) led the British delegation has arrived today. They also will go to Downing Street to hear local time Monday night, British Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Chaussures Sports Craig stated the England bid. At the same time, they followed a visit by the British media will be worthless demoted Wembley Stadium.

"FIFA investigation group to be here for my heartfelt welcome, this is what I show them how to support the British Government in England the opportunity to bid." Craig told the media interview this sermon "At the same time, for they will visit Wembley Stadium also said that I very much welcome the decision, after all, Wembley Stadium is a symbol of the entire English football."


Spain "feet" Men in power Villa 38 yards feet lightest shoes

Spain, Honduras, Villa two-team breakthrough in the restricted area, lying on the ground the moment in the pocket with his right foot arch a beautiful arc, tag through the far corner network, the TV in front of you must be scared call - this is how a pair of dexterous foot! But if you know his feet only 38 code, your jaw will be surprised you may fall down? Yes, Villa was wearing a wife feet than you might only just freshmen, two yards of shoes, and clearly place an extra siege in the national team has been in the World Cup into 4 balls. What is most astonishing is that almost all of the Spanish team, "feet" Men, are delicate little feet is the ultimate reason for their technology do? 】Air Shoes 【Phenomenon 38 yards! Villa small feet shoes light Villa's feet had been no secret, and he himself on this "feature" also did not care, and more importantly, his shoe sponsor for the characteristics of small feet is incredibly happy, because the small size shoes , is the material means fewer shoes, and this is in line with the new F50 series shoes, "the world's lightest" concept. Ordinary players shoe weight is 165 grams, while Villa accounted for the "feet", and to his shoes only 160 grams, deserved the "World's lightest"! Air Max Shoes Villa said: "The striker is the least number of games the players touch the ball, a game that is probably 10 years time, so touches, we have to be accurate, otherwise, the team's final offensive link will be blocked, and this will lead to undo the efforts of his teammates. " "Villa has repeatedly asked us to, shoes must be light", the brand leader said, "so as to ensure that his speed and dash." But he also said the man's shoes on the feet, there are many things he and his wife, two daughters, the name of the first letter printed on the shoes, the same printed on the Spanish flag and native Asturias in banner. 40 yards! 1 m 95 feet big a super- In Spain, the Villa is probably one of the feet the smallest players, but not the proportion of the smallest. In Portugal, a war off the bench for Lorant Although 1 m height reached 95, but actually wearing 40 yards of shoes. The entire Spanish team, almost all men, bound feet, Xavi, Silva and Villa, like wearing 38 yards, and Alonso, Martinez more than one meter tall and 80, but only 40 yards, keeper card Cilliers also only 40 yards. Experts believe that Harvey, Iniesta, Villa, body Gaobu Gao, also allow them to transform the rhythm is very convenient, whether it is accelerating or decelerating are arbitrary, it had to due to the contribution of small feet. "They can almost tenth of a second of time to complete turn around ... ..." Spain in the "rare" Feet players, 41.5 yards Valdes says. In the past, the Brazilian team had their feet out of the traditional star, Socrates brothers not to 40 yards, and now Spain, with such a trend. It is worth mentioning that the feet of the Spanish team on the requirements of generally very high Chaussures Sports , "they asked us to provide free or hide the laces of the shoe laces, so as to guarantee the foot is more flat and easier control of the ball." 】 【Advantage Foot small, technology should we do Yes, when the exquisite Villa stop the ball, sprint speed and time control during shooting, and everything had a relationship with his feet. Fast Small feet and the ground contact area means smaller, more economical not only physical, but also ensure a more clever turn and change direction, to better ensure the full absorption of the ground reaction force, speed, American sprinter Michael Johnson is not feet to 40 yards. Villa is a sprint-type forward, every game of his sprint times are many, many times he is only the forefoot contacts the ground, so that a smaller contact area. Shot standard "Le Monde" that small feet means that when players touch the ball more precise control of size, can make their passing, shooting space when more precise control of touches, to create his own desired route. Villa like foot ball boots firmly affixed to live, he did not like that feeling of relaxation. Strength Experts said that small feet does not mean that the power is small, because the ball's speed of foot contact with the ball or the speed to decide. Roberto Carlos is the best example, the Brazilian left-back's shoes or even only 37 yards but his shot is very powerful forces. 【Link】 List of public "foot" small 36 yards before the Brazilian striker Bebeto 37 yards before the Brazil left back Roberto Carlos 38 yards the former Italy striker Signori, Spain, Villa, Xavi, Silva Argentina striker Lionel Messi 39 yards Argentina's number one Manaduona 40 yards, Spain midfielder Alonso, striker Lorant

Taste South African basic necessities: a pair of slippers to run 225 rand, TV license

In South Africa more than 20 days, the basic necessities of problems faced every day. With these bits and pieces, I have a little superficial knowledge of South Africa. Clothes: a pair of slippers 225 rand chevron In the absence of slippers out with the hotel not available, a bath is very inconvenient, so I think shops to buy a pair.Nike Chaussures Homme Results to the mall and saw immediately the feeling of being robbed, a pair of slippers priced at 170 rand here (Note: a rand about 0.89 yuan), while in the store in the World Cup, to spread a pair of just seven or eight in Wuhan block herringbone slippers priced as high as 225 rand. Shopping in South Africa, I see are some unknown brand, these brands are made in China may be, but price of view, basically 30% more expensive than China to 50%. Of course, some international brands, can be prohibitively high price tag most. Of course, there will be expensive cheap, or else how the poor live. In China Town you can see a lot of bargains. "There is very good, I just bought him here to this pair of jeans, as long as 100 Dorant." Coordinated media shuttle bus rhino black youth told me, usually in a store that will double the price of trousers. In Chinatown, you can also see some Asian faces a street vendor. Up a question, 10 had seven or eight are Chinese, they sell very cheap clothes, can be purchased dozens of rand coat or pants. Basically, these clothes do not make, all come from Yiwu, etc., mainly for poor blacks. "Now business is doing well," a place to push the Fujian people told me, "the early years, and some street vendor who can sell 5,000 rand a day." Running Shoes : seafood cost-effective than eating vegetables South Africa's poor black people eat? This is after I went to South Africa, most want to know. Later they told me, usually called "PAP" food, corn do, sticky, slightly better conditions, will add a little broth, a bit like mashed potatoes in China. "It's like chicken, pork and potatoes, rice, as long as fill their stomachs on the line." I drive a black driver to tell me. Black South Africans rarely eat vegetables, I went to the supermarket, I found the black South Africans "escape" because the vegetables, cabbage is actually the one I saw a price to sell, wrapped in a layer of cling film to sell 25 rand a (equivalent to 23 yuan), which has become "a great wonder of South Africa"; a Who the hell needs a rand, an egg a rand. Here you can easily understand eating vegetables, waste is shameful. Experience of black South Africans will be deeper, because most of them live relatively poor, It is said that something inside Chinatown fairly reasonable price, but I asked what the price of celery, he said 10 rand, pound, or one? Surprise that the Chinese seller, said: "do not buy, do not ask!" I Kuangyun. However, not all things are expensive, relatively cheap as seafood. As South Africa is surrounded by the sea, rich in seafood, especially oysters and squid are very famous. I like to go to a restaurant chain called OCEAN BASKET, where the point of spending 69 rand a package, there are fish and squid with rice, enough had enough. If you still do not think quickly, take a 129 rand to eat a big seafood course, there are shrimp, oysters and squid, you can eat with a loose waistband. Live: do not watch TV license is against the law Suppose you first arrived in South Africa, to the store and bought a television, the evening was in the room watching. Suddenly, the police knocks on your door and tell you: you are in violation of the! Estimated at this time you are still foggy, but it is true, according to South African law, if you want to watch TV, you must apply for license, otherwise, it is illegal. In addition, most people can not stand to South Africa where electricity is expensive. In the end how you do? "Has been price increases, it is 38 rand a kilowatt. Is said to be going up." A Chinese complained to me. In South Africa, the rich live in single-family house, called the house, according to national standards, is villa. Can not afford to live in an apartment with the help of the government, of course, the bottom can only live in the poor house of the iron. I am not South Africans can only be passing through, of course, can only stay in a hotel. Prior to South Africa, FIFA to provide a hotel site on the list, there are many road lodge, town lodge like, out in the country is not clear what the fundamental difference. Wait here until we figure this is actually a chain of hotels. road lodge is a star, town lodge is two stars, as well as Samsung and four-star city lodge and couryard hotel. The greatest advantage of these live in the hotel safe. These hotels are built in predominantly white residential area, so the environment than the average hotel to be better. OK: In addition to by car, by plane only In South Africa, for me, a trip was undoubtedly the most difficult. Because there is no public transport, in addition to driving, the only one chosen to play. South Africans are to comply with traffic regulations, so the car is going very fast. Except when the traffic lights, speed limits are generally not less than 80 km; the highway, the driver generally will not be less than 120 kilometers per hour. Although everyone says that poor law and order here, but I personally feel that if they'd been killed by a car here, the probability is much greater than the risk of being shot. South Africa not many train lines. To a place in South Africa, in addition to their flying car is. The train seems to be a black car. Train high crime rates, almost no white South Africans and foreigners dare to travel by train. Some travel lanes of the law and order situation very well, these votes need to book 3 days in advance, in order to go to Cape Town, I book a train ticket, but came to head the transport department told me that for some reason, this train cancellation. PUMA FUTURE CAT

Gu Villa insulator with scandal during his daughter's name embroidered shoes contest

Group stage of the three great goals, especially in the furthest possible to create the World Cup scoring record of stunning lob, to Spain, "Gourd Doll" Villa became the World Cup in South Africa with the most star players, but also him beyond the predecessors Butragueno, Raul, Morientes, who has become Spain's top scorer in history.cheap nike shox In life, Villa is a very homely and new man, almost scandal insulation. There is a saying most representative of his attitude towards life: "the World Cup, but also to earn more money to support their families." Fans nicknamed "Gourd Doll" crazy super peers childhood weight David Villa was born in Asturias in the small village touila. Villa childhood not tall, but more stocky stature, his weight at age 8, has a length more than their peers, neighbors liked the chubby smart little boy, and he called the "Guaje" (gourd). The nickname to the mouth of China's fans, it becomes more intimate, "gourd doll." Home of the most wanted from the miners, an accountant Asturias is Spain's coal center, Villa's father Mel was a veteran of local miners. Mel said: "Our family is the family of a miner, and his grandparents, uncle and me, have been to mine, only he (Villa), Childrens Shoes seems to have a natural fear of mine." "I had never thought to inherit the family business, I think this is not for me." Villa said he was a child only when the ideal of an accountant. But remember this from the Villa. "My home is the world's best place where I lived for 20 years, is where the definition of who I am." Although reluctant to work in the coal mine, but Villa was in love with Tuija small village. Touila local "Villa Sports Community" founder Miguel said: "For us he is human, as a member of our family, when he returned to the bar, he is a sitting and watching Newspapers common customers. " Goal to celebrate his daughter's name embroidered shoes movement dedicated to his wife Later, Villa became a famous star. But the coal mine humble village inhabitants character, or lay a deep mark on him. Married, have children, like his father, like Villa had an extraordinary life. In 2003, Villa and childhood sweetheart married his girlfriend Patricia, and their encounter goes back to high school, when his wife, also a football player, is the same love, the two finally came together. December 7, 2005, and August 18, 2009, Villa's two daughters, Saida and Ao Laya has born, his wife and two daughters, Villa became the most important part of life. Chaussures Sports To express his love for his family, Villa should be in every official event on the daughter's name embroidered shoes, but after the goal when he does not own the mark to make some movement, dedicated to the stands watching his wife.


Five main characters steal the spotlight: faint whistle ruin "terminally ill patients," Chong Tese Legend

World Cup has come to the decisive battle of the stadium, in Beijing on July 12 in the Netherlands VS Spain after the war, the World Cup every four years and South Africa will soon say goodbye. It should be said from the simple competitive point of view, perhaps the World Cup tournament next quite boring. Defenses of popular, and the brightest despotic increasingly conservative,Nike Air Force Ones although some of them also dotted with flashes of classic, but also the whole World Cup can not hide the presence of the surface of the bored. However, the World Cup is wonderful, because he is becoming a more inclusive, richer integrated whole, there are more and more deviated from the game or not related to the nature of things take away more and more attention. Even the stadium, many people can be another non-competitive way to make themselves "known", and its effect is far more than those on the pitch the players are struggling and flame. Kewell: cruel goodbye Australia's "Sunday Telegraph" and a "rare blood wins Kewell dangerous life", the paper Tikeweier suffering called "autoimmune" diseases, such as not receiving treatment 5-8 years will die. News from Australia's drift to the distant parts of the world, in a word to the end of this news only one sentence: Harry Kewell going to die. Compassionate people will die, will die of the fighters are more admirable, of course, whether or not to die, this is the last World Cup, Harry Kewell. Willbeck last minute ride in the Premier League choose to bring the veteran for many years and also hope to give him a more perfect World Cup outcome. The more often a person to know what you really need more behind what's true, many players have made a lifetime of money, to the late stage of his career that, that looks far more comfortable than to make money in the club's World Cup is so the important. South Africa coach tickets to give Harry Kewell, who is really in South Africa even if the games last breath, it should completely rest in peace Hanxiaojiuquan is. But no one thought the World Cup Kewell's only 25 minutes before he could fight in the arena last look, it was the referee in order to deliberate handball inside the restricted area red card penalty charges out, Men Nike Shoesnot played a minute of the first battle , Second World War and 25 minutes red, end of war suspended, the Australian opener has four goals in the defeat in Germany, based on Harry Kewell's the end = goodbye to the World Cup. Do not know when the value of referee, Italian gold post Rossetti is seen through the network, "Kewell dying" news, if there is, then this is definitely the World Cup's most "inhuman" a fine, a clear red card too heavy, it is so ruined by a serious illness for the country holding the last chance to play the veteran. Fortunately, Harry Kewell will be dead later on proved to be an assumption saying the news, Australians can be treated like a normal person alive. The "evil with evil" phrase in the body when the value of referee Rossetti was just the right pass, and in helping to Argentina with a clear offside cut the ball out of Mexico, the Rossetti finally met with FIFA sent home for severely punished. However, what is available, Kewell's the last World Cup, who could not look back. Anelka: No sympathy for a scapegoat With the world's despots, with the former World Cup winner, said before the start of Argentina to win the gold if you can get the support of many people, but if say the French won, it may be fans of the surrounding public. Domenech took two years ago, the group of the European Cup defeat at home,Chaussures Sports the old guy, after losing the Chinese team, even though even the most steadfast supporters of the French soccer iron also began to contemplate whether to start thinking from the current 2 years after the European Cup. France eventually in a have than anyone imagined a more humiliating way to leave the World Cup. Civil strife for glory 12 years ago, all of France into a bubble, Aime Jacquet, Zidane and the golden generation will not become a football tradition in France will be a burden. Whether the loss of the actual command of Domenech, Thierry Henry on the field or not that exists in name only captain Patrice Evra, no one will sympathize. Of course, the worst thing a person or Anelka, the World Cup is not over, Chelsea striker was expelled from the French Football Federation said, sent back to France. Or take the lead in trouble regardless of coach Raymond Domenech's players, we more or sympathy for Anelka, he is not a "volunteer army leader," nor a "diehard elements", but he was as a victim, the first to be nailed French football in shame, receive hundreds of millions of fans reviled in France. Of course it was only from the view of the French football, for the fans, an apathetic do not see hope for the French team, is worthy of respect or not there is a compassionate individual. Anelka is a victim, this will not affect the outside world's perception of him as early as late nail nail, sooner or later there will be an utter his name. Anelka is not a victim, he is only a representative, a symbol of shame on behalf of French football. Lufkin: booger Shuainan In Britain and Germany before World War II, Germany coach Joachim Low in his fans eyes, is a nearly perfect man: to understand fashion, know how to flavor. He took the youngest World Cup history, Germany to a 4-0 as a gift the fans to the world, the minds of people he has been a "rough" as the characteristics of the transformation of Germany into a tie with a smooth surface collapse opponents of technology-based team in the World Cup first round, won the screaming Joachim Low unmatched. Has a mature Shuainan image, successful temperament and fashionistas taste Lufkin, allowing those who have already become mature female office workers, pointing also to Lionel Messi, C Lo Sentimental crazy girl said: "See? This be called men. " But the world is more crazy for Joachim Low's worship from Britain and Germany after World War II, then if that lupine Lun Liang towel, decisive fascinating chic thousands of miles away, and now Joachim Loew in a battle of life and death using a kind of ingenuity proof of the vital moment in his calm. Camera to capture clear that he could pull the booger in, and pull the finished very calmly in his mouth and taste some. When seen from a computer screen all the time, how many crazy people vomiting in the heart, including the fans after his irons, is not known. But Joachim's popularity has not diminished, therefore, indecent? A bit. But the support he will say: "men make mistakes too? Sitting in the command of the Anglo-German war gallery, most people with hands on early tense which do not know. But still there are minds dug Lufkin booger, so even digging booger, that is the calm of digging a booger, a Mount collapse of the former and without blinking an eye booger digging, once you dig my life can not the booger. " Germany's Joachim Low and his team eventually fell outside the gate of the final, but this has been successful for him. Can be informal, since successful, Lufkin flexible soles digging booger Ye Hao Ye Hao, small bad habits but to the eyes of his fans even more perfect. Chong Tese: short-lived Legend Chong Tese is the sort of person? China may be a small number of fans through the AFC's reason to know this person, Kawasaki striker's main striker, but the two do not face a ball into the Chinese team has given people "much better than" an impression. However, such an ordinary player, why is in South Africa can cause global media interest, was once the World Cup's first Red? Chong Tese's high profile is more incredible than Maradona, because he is not a high profile in the capital, but Chong Tese a "Jian Xiong," he should be born of the world to meet the various kinds of people needs. He was a joke, with all kinds of ridiculous quotes become the talk of town gossip fans; he's stunning and Brazil before a cry, let the Chinese move, because they feel that patriotism is no internationals and of shame; final match with Brazil, his teammates presented for the first assists, so that everyone sighs in unison: This guy is a real down son, no wonder dare to put such ravings. So Chong Tese red overnight, as the World Cup's first superstar. Different gender, different classes, different ages, have a variety of reason to cheer for Zheng Dadi, although the rapid defeat of Portugal lost 0-7 to Chong Tese and his dynasty collapsed, but that night flush Kyushu the heat, I am afraid is unprecedented. So the media rack their brains to engage in heroic mother's interview, or even to study why the contrary, his brother named "Zheng Ershi." Chong Tese is a major phenomenon in South Africa World Cup, he quickly expanded and quick burst, the sages and clowns in the cycle, Nike Chaussures Homme then people are tired before he disappeared. He is the star of an era rather than the players train, and his loose-tongued, and North Korea being circumspect, and his tears and his teammates formed a deadpan violent collision, given the visual impact of an unlimited audience. Chong Tese no innocent Ye Hao, shrewdness too worth mentioning, the fortunes of hero, could not resist fate, even if only a short night. Today, Chong Tese North Korea has become the only team to go "mining" of the player, only Germany's Ruhr industrial area, Bochum team signed the North Korean striker, let us look at the new season, the North Korean with how the striker in the performance of German second division.

World Cup stars such as: gymnastics coach when an old horse can beat Qiong Yao's dramas Chong Tese

World Cup is over, goodbye South Africa, Goodbye Zha Kumi, bye hum Zula. Starting tonight, the night drinking with friends,Men Nike Shoes there is no reason, and also not eating every day to buy Duck Neck, and may adjust the time difference between spouses, good to work. After the World Cup era, we used to wait. Those shining stars who harvested their emotions in the World Cup with Yellow Gold Rail, will begin their new life - to see friends they have set for them all happy end it! Gymnastics Coach Maradona: fat man need care World Cup ended, Diego Maradona intend to take the initiative laid off. Although the Argentina of a survey show that 55% of Argentines support Maradona to stay; While Messi, Carlos Tevez, Aguero and other players would like nag to continue coaching, but the Argentine Football Association is complex and ambiguous attitude, the old Ma said only chic: not my Do not force. Nag to "unemployment", Nike Air Force Ones and End of the World User "_ just do not know," said that in view during the World Cup, Argentina's per game on the court next to the old horse will continue to make eyes, dancing, full of peers. Therefore, the re-employment of laid-off workers to seek a Council position for the Maradona - gymnastics coach. Nag, come interview wow! PS: World class 12 Currently, 32 strong in the World Cup have been 12 teams coach leave. They are: France's Domenech, Greece's Otto Rehhagel, the South African team Pereira, Cameroon's Legand, Italy's Marcello Lippi, Japan's Takeshi Okada, South Korea's Huh, Chile team Bielsa, Ivory Coast's Eriksson, Mexico's Aguirre, Dunga Brazil and Paraguay Team Martino. Entertainment Daren Lufkin: Costa living by temperament According to the German "Bild" reported that, although the World Cup after Joachim Low has said that to consider the renewal, but in fact has decided to stay. President of the German Football Association has also been indirectly confirmed the news. In fact, do not stay on stay on Joachim Low's purse should be little effect. Through this World Cup "performance", Joachim seems to have become the major studios, record companies in the eyes of the meat and potatoes, his tall, erect, handsome, dressed-class taste, fans will have the world's seven dirty eight women elements of the! "God of course does not leave, stay in their own God of office", Hollywood, the entertainment is such a talent to be! Le Shuai 1, Beckham sidelined it! PS: Meritorious coach with future career prospects And not worry about the future, like Le Shuai, consider the sideline, there are contributions Uruguay coach Tabarez. World Cup, Uruguay, Tavares will be quiet for many years to a small climax with a football. His contract with the Uruguayan Football Association due date is July 31 this year. Uruguayan "El Pais" said Football Association has been provided to the Tabarez a four-year contract extension, and President of Uganda Football Association to prepare a new contract in the pay raise Tabarez treatment. Jiang Hu Gangster Octopus meet future Mars Brother Brother Do not ask me where it comes from my hometown in the distance ... ... to ask where I come from octopus brother, hey, do not tell you! I just come to Earth to fight Colombia soy sauce, and mended, like landing there is some technical issues when the earth, the soul of their eight hands away, the little three little Four, became the fifth incarnation of parrots, pandas, elephants, etc. small eight more ridiculous, actually engaged in the Internet, and also what the future of the self-proclaimed brother. Well, usually they are much more my octopus head tube, with rebel and critical moment, I said, they engage in the East West, letting me down too much,. Soy sauce was over, octopus brother to go home, after Mars, see! (Oh, how do I do not care that out!) Qiong Yao's new favorite Chong Tese: cry cry, to cry loudly Korean team in the group opener before the game against Brazil, when the Korean anthem, "North Korea Rooney," Chong Tese front of the camera in tears. He sang the national anthem loudly and let the tears in the surface aspect. Talent will be light. Chong Tese tears with a skilled martial arts and successfully attracted the attention not worry,. And all the hands of men not worry, as Chong Tese has excellent living conditions, and never worry about daily necessities, but always do lament-like, sometimes Spring and Autumn, disease-free tears, touched thousands of viewers. Chaussures Sports In the post-World Cup era, Chong Tese became Qiong Yao film actor. According to gossip news agency, the new film tentatively name "outside the mine." The main bakery Green Monopoly delicious toast butter hand Face virtually no threat to kick the "shot", even fairy-tale ball goalkeeper Green missed the ball into the net. Although the then Green and then not debut, but his name was the "butter hand" became a classic memory of one of the tournament. After the World Cup era, Green is certainly not to be see by the team, as sell diverted to toast it. Toast with butter, a cup of coffee again. Ad can play: to see the World Cup, my family's butter is a genuine component of foot!


The Netherlands is not a dirty team in China and Asia's top teams did not increase the gap

Dear Chinese friends, Hello everybody, I am leaving South Africa at this time because the World Cup is over, but I am willing to share and exchange, in the past 31 days in the game experience. As I said previously, as the Spanish team win the World Cup is a slow road to the state, they are a bit like the 90-year Argentina was in the first game although they lost to Cameroon, but then gradually into the nirvana,NIKE AIR MAX 90 and reached the final of the way Spain and Argentina, this is also somewhat similar trip 90 years, lost the first game after the Swiss team, followed by the Spanish team getting better, play more and more outstanding when one team this year Harvey, Iraq Nie Sita and other outstanding players of the time, everything is possible. Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas, but also commendable, as Casey has shown in the final crucial influence. Casey made a number of very important saves, I think this is the game to change the key. Prior to this competition are all strong teams look forward to a lot of people, but many strong teams to play well in the first stage. For instance, we say that Italy and France, they all appeared very serious error. There are also similar to Argentina and England, whose performance had some disappointing. Some reporters said that the wind is very dirty Netherlands ball, I do not agree to such a position. I think the Dutch team a firm implementation of the tactical discipline, kicked out of his own style, at the same time, the Dutch team, many of them super good players, like Sneijder, Running Shoes Kuyt, van der Vaart, etc., I most admire is Robben, but unfortunately, the best team won. However, I also like the situation of the Asian team, the South Korea and Japan are from the group stages, they play are good, these are the Asian League. Therefore, some view China and the Asian Basketball Championship team has been growing up? Do not think so. I was 8 years ago when the Chinese team coach the Chinese team and the other Asian teams the difference was not significant, do not think Japan and South Korea cut elimination round between China and they are too big. Air Jordan Chaussures But I give the Chinese team's recommendations, you should go abroad as many games to play abroad, get the experience you need to grow.


Indian businessman Figure 1.5 billion offer to buy into the Premier League this Plato

According to "Daily Mail" and "Guardian" and other media reports, Indian businessman Said had to "Rose" Plato made the high value of 300 million pounds (Running Shoes) acquisition program. Said hopes to finally complete the acquisition next month. It is reported that the businessman who owns a called Said called the "Western Gulf Advisory (Western Gulf Advisory, WGA)" investment company. Said has been a consultant through the Plato of the Rothschild bank acquisitions in an attempt to help by funding the pay off 20 million pounds Plato (about 100 million euros) in debt, while giving manager Sam Allardyce transfer sufficient funds. Family has a huge wealth of behind the scenes Said, 36, behind the family has a huge wealth, their family history can be traced back the remote East India Company. Edward Said has received higher education in the London School of Economics, is a practicing lawyer, while in Bahrain own a large number of horse racing. The main nike chaussures sports Plato said: "It has been the investors hope that the acquisition of Blackburn, the negotiations have been going."