Is located in the southern German state of Bavaria, is the world-renowned sports --- Cheap Air Shoes "Puma," the company's headquarters is located. Run a local shoemaker from his own small workshop factory started to make boots and slippers mainly two sons: brothers RUDOLF DASSLER (Rudolf. Dassler) and his younger brother ADOLF DASSLER (Adolf. Dassler), In 1924, after the two brothers grew up to inherit his father's invention in nailed boots, bags under the peg, playing the role of anti-skid, unexpectedly popular; production running and playing shoes, has become their direction. In 1948, they decided to split his brother established a Puma AG (PUMA), his younger brother set up Adidas (ADIDAS). Over the years, PUMA several expeditions with Pele's World Cup finals, tennis star Boris Becker at Wimbledon rivals on the pitch of the contest, and Christie on the track with a lot of Olympic gold medals won. This is the PUMA through continuous research and development, and with the development of the world's top athletes and share their performance. Today, PUMA Puma has developed into a large multinational company, product number, sales around the world, for the majority of sports fans offer the best sporting goods.


Puma running shoes endorsement to seize the opportunity to invite Bolt

Bolt broke the world record again, still hot launch Bolt Puma running shoes signature version, a signed version of low-help movement Bolt running Cheap Air Shoes Puma Street Yaam listed in Tokyo, "Lightning" Bolt to become the most valuable Puma spokesperson. This shoe market price of 106 U.S. dollars. Help Bolt win Puma Puma Yaam running spikes by design and technical team developed, they are Bolt's stride and foot contours were studied and measured.



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Jordan's classic moments

1.1991 years, May 25 Keywords third Eastern Conference finals

For two consecutive years by the Chicago Bulls eliminated the Pistons in the Eastern Conference finals this time, is already 2 to 0 lead, is the service, Dumars has equalized the score at the last minute opportunities. However, in Jordan's court press under Dumars missed the final. 3 to 0 score for the big Piston players left the stadium dejected, this Bad Boys Since then never give Jordan making trouble.

2.1992 years, August 8 Keywords Dream Team won a Nike Air Shoes

This is the most talented basketball history, Smirnov one team, but also the history of the most undisputed basketball champion. In this final, Michael Jordan scored 22 points, the Dream Team won the Olympic gold medal in Barcelona.

3.1993 years, June 2 Keywords Charles - Smith

New York in those years to replace the Detroit Pistons to win the way Michael Jordan has become the biggest trouble in this series the first two games, Starks greet Jordan dunk and win victory, once the media fail to see the Bulls possible, but the return home of the Chicago Bulls with the total score under the two cities will be equalized. The key fifth, Jordan in Madison Square Garden, scored 29 points, 10 rebounds and 14 assists in a triple-double. Of course, the people truly memorable in the game the last moment, Charles - Smith, to come back in the basket have a golden opportunity to assist in the defense of Pippen over Jordan so that the latter missed the help of his career is perhaps the most critical one shot.

4.1997-year June 1 Keywords for the first time a warning Cheap Air Shoes

People seem to only remember that one year after the Salt Lake City, Jordan Russell and then go past the cast of that hit Juesha classic lens. In fact, a year ago in Chicago, the first in the finals at the last minute, the same in the face of Russell Jordan at the last moment from the hoop and hitting jumpers inside 18 feet, to seal the victory for the Bulls.

5.1993-year June 16 keywords 55 minutes

In Jordan's career playoff games, a total of 55 minutes twice a single experience. Before the first was in 1988 and Cleveland in the playoffs, while in 1993 this time is more critical. Michael Jordan scored 33 in the first half on points, another 30 seconds before the whistle a key three-point play performances, completely cut off from the Phoenix Suns equalizer aggregate hope. This last series of the result, we now know, John Paxson hit in the sixth fatal one-third, the Bulls reached three consecutive championships.

To commemorate the role of the shoebox

Personality distinct personality marked

More often, shoebox is used to classified categories. If you are a standard "Box Fan", to not look at shoes, you see one shoe box should be able to say exactly, it installed the brand of shoes is that the type of shoes, which Angelica power and shoe boxes and the shoebox sign of division between the distinctive personality. Or not to engage in abstract concepts, an example of the most popular and most really. Into Adidas's official website home page, you will find two different types of classification, one Originals, the other is the Performance, also will see the clover with three bars of two different Logo, of course, I am not in the narrative the story of the evolution of these brands, but to remind you, is there noted that the general style clover is a blue and white box section, while the three bars where it is a black water. There is a similar division of New Balance, NB class of professional sports shoes is a kraft paper color box, while the N-Shop inside the retro style, it is blue, red and white color pattern shoebox.

In addition, Reebok has his own way into shoes with shoe boxes reflect the personality, for example, the agency's shoes in the shoebox on the Iverson will have his personal Logo, in co-operation with the NBA, while in shoebox Nike Air Shoes RBK's own emphasis on Logo, endorsement clearly carved out of the performance of the stars and the brand image is located. Converse has a long history as a brand, based on most people's favorite canvas shoes, so the shoe Converse is now basically a canvas will have their Chupin SHOES hit the same nail on the side of the design. Changed the original white, blue and black border on red Logo habits. Nike shoebox division of the personality is also very interesting, such as mentioned earlier that the Shox technology series, is has been using a blue-green color of the box. The moment before the name of the Alpha series of dry, although now still running, but then the box has no personality, probably because they have wider application of the reasons for bar. The impresses you should be the nike SB series, box it, from the mundane to the bizarre style of Yinhe gray hook, to the dazzling black powder box hooks, step by step, has also witnessed the evolution of the SB series of constantly growing and expanding.

Since it is mentioned personality Mark Recognition, Air Jordan series, shoebox be changes in the largest series of the most distinctive personality. As mentioned earlier, from the 14 on behalf of the patterns began to emerge in Jordan face the shoes, and before that series has done for the re-engraved with the color shoebox just have said this year's 20th anniversary edition of shoe boxes. Of course, the number of these have become more or relative, but I believe fans really interested in shoes from the 17's onwards, 17,18,19,20 used by four generations of four completely different designs of the shoebox. Air Jordan 17's suitcase had been more than a shoebox can be a gift; Air Jordan 18 was a sacred tradition for the last station boots, box drawer design, more emphasis on the 18 generations of symbols; Air Jordan 19 is the first in the game completely out of Jordan's Air Jordan, the box design style with a bold breakthrough in the design of folding; Air Jordan 20 as a very memorable shoes to symbolize the championship six times the design of the shoe heel Copy the arrival of shoebox on the box at the end of the trapeze Logo exquisite beauty of things is addictive. After reading several articles that you find that shoebox in the development and evolution is closely related to the development of shoes, while the shoebox is a manifestation of this change platform, is a witness of history is the development of a Sneaker Culture commemorative badge. Shoebox development today, has become more and more brands and Cheap Air Shoes fan attention. Many old, classic, or expensive shoebox already have enough independence to become the value of collectibles. Maybe someday, I would do such a thing to make Maiduhuanzhu.


NIKE is not just pigeon

Nike, not just a check mark so simple! A personal culture, pay more attention to the concept of innovation and marketing across cultures. Nike Air Shoes : Just do it. Reflects the Nike corporate culture characterized by personal attention, whether it is work, life, sports, something that did. Sports, performances, unrestrained freedom of the spirit of sportsmanship "is the pursuit of personalized Nike's corporate culture. Goodbaby Group nike kids agent in mainland China, our children across the country opened hundreds of stores and specialist boutiques nike kids. Nike as a world-renowned brand awareness is high, but actually able to understand the nike say not much. The following associated description, so people really feel that nike is not just a simple:, background information on the Nike company was founded in 60 years, CEO Phil Knight was concluded that high-quality running shoes • there will be sales, then launched a revolution in the footwear industry. to 80 years, he was again booming sports shoes, the company has become a marketing machine. Since 1986, the company's stock returns average annual growth of 47%, in the 1986-1996 period, the "Fortune" magazine 1000 companies in the nation's emissions, the company within the top 10. At present, the the company has become a sports machine, the organizers of events like golf tournaments, and also sells sports equipment and clothing.