Zhang Lu: red wolf spirit soldiers cut Inter Milan are back on track winning chance

Early morning of September 26 Beijing time, in the fifth round of Serie A games, home game of the Roman finally ushered in the new season's first victory, and Triple Crown rivals Inter are strong. Football match commentator Zhang Lu was wonderful comments that the players rely on tenacious spirit of Rome gained valuable 3 points.
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Throughout the statistical point of view after the match, Inter Milan in the shooting, shooting is, the end point rate of the data of several big advantage, but Rome is just steals, breaking the dominant contrast, the results of the Roman victory, Zhang Lu that: "In fact, not many of Rome's attack routine, technical content is very limited. but Ranieri's tune, the Roman team are able to fight, they always stick to the game's last minute, appears several times last season, the Rome Scoring in the final game, reverse play, their opponents are being worn down, swept away, it is clear that their 'red wolf', the title is very consistent. "

Inter Milan to the Champions League game against Werder Bremen in the next week, next weekend will usher in rival Juventus at home, after another rival to manager Rafael Benitez suffered a bit conservative. Inter Milan occupy the field so there will be advantages, but ultimately defeated away the results of Zhang Lu Comments to: "rarely seen in this game the plug assists Maicon, neatly behind defense last season and this is previous rounds of the game is very rare. This should be specially arranged Benitez, so much to the front of the Road by Pandev, both can play to his creative passing, but also carried out more with 斯内德米利托cooperation. With no Maicon Pandev naturally pushes, so to save the Brazilian defender's fitness, physical fitness more till the Champions League. The original is not good at assists Chivu is holed up backcourt, and strive to solid defense . In addition, also can be seen from the substitutions conservative Benitez, replaced with Muntari Diego Milito is obviously to strengthen the defense, but this trick has become a fatal flaw. "

Although the audience is only one goal game, and injury time goal was scored, but the way that Chang and wonderful highlights of the game and a lot of the offensive, not unworthy of the Italian National Derby new gimmick, "the two teams very fast paced attack, attack and defense conversion is also very fast, so the game flies, unknowingly to Ayala. "This is two defensive midfielder Pizarro, Perrotta, and Esteban Cambiasso organizations rarely get the ball reason, directly after the defender steals the attacking players to find and play up front. Quipped another race commentary: "If the waist is a transit point for the two teams, then race the same as the middle of the Intercity High Speed Rail non-stop." Zhang Lu also specifically pointed out that the vigor of the race: "the game 8 yellow cards are also memorable, this is the derby of the characteristics of the two teams refused to give a yellow card foul frequent conflict. "
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Before the current round of Rome, has suffered numerous league four, count the Champions League and the Italian Super Cup, the red wolf is six victorious and score 3 draws, 3 losses, which also including the belly Cagliari 5-1 humiliation. So today the powerful Inter beat Roma as a long drought every rain, Zhang Lu said: "The strength of the original Roman Buzhi Yu in the league at the end, like a few seasons ago as the early season performance of Rome is very slow, the first half of last season once it is hovering in the relegation zone, but the development effort through the process almost reversed after Inter win. The market is back on track over Inter the best opportunity, the Roman generals should grasp the opportunity to do this. "

Inter Qijiang give it turned on Rome's most blue-black binary Yong

Who is Inter Milan, Rome, the battle to the best players? "Slow motion" will be the ticket to the four individual assessment, in addition to repeatedly break the success of Menezes, staged lore of Vucinic, the other two names is very subtle. Burdisso, Pizarro, the two men, happened to be personally sent to Rome Inter.
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Pizarro was Ping Chu score, because his presence makes Totti Roma slump in the normal operation of the premise. "Gazzetta dello Sport," said the good: "In this duel between the peak years, Sneijder, Totti such an offensive focus on the core of man-mark the object must be adversaries, when teammates need to come forward to assume the other functions of the organization." Pizarro, Totti is close to the "vice core", he also became the highest success rate Total War players pass, 65 pass, the success rate of up to 91%.

Inter Milan side, Sneijder was restricted after the ball more organizations Stankovic, Serbia 68 among all the data passes all the players in the first battle, but the success rate was 77%, too many mistakes Inter was led to uncontrollable situation. After the match many fans miss Mota, it is not surprising.

Pizarro's return pass is by no means high cross, his forward pass 55%, long distance moving the ball 9 times. In addition, he has 3 key passes: the first 34 minutes, plug the ball to Totti, his rush to achieve shot tens of meters; the first 60 minutes, he was in the restricted area the indirect free kick the ball to Totti played the full threat of attack doors; including last-minute game, but also lead to Rome, Pizarro's point shot on the right came a key assists. Pizarro in attack, it also steals with 3, 2 Fengdang rival the performance of the shot to help with the team's defense.
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Bipisaluo even more exciting is Burdisso. Argentines face Milito, the impact of Eto'o, made several key steals, steals reached only 4 times. Inter several good opportunity to come out Burdisso always made the most critical interference. 22 minutes, Eto'o out of the way the keeper of the potential formation Cassetti, his Nushe was Burdisso Feichan damage; the first 77 minutes, Sneijder's Eto'o back to the formation of quasi-single-pole trend, Burdisso is no interference to the cheetah development effort. 82 minutes, with Inter subtle infiltration of almost penetrated the Roman Road, defense, or interfere with Eto'o's shot Burdisso ... ...

Of course, not just only a tactical role Burdisso, he also showed full aggressive. 70 minutes pass in corner of Rome, Burdisso completely unable to hit the ball in the premise, do not charge vicious flying kick Cesar feet (hand also moves), so that Inter goalkeeper pain. You know, the past and Cesar Nicolas Burdisso, but with teammates, or even a whole summer of this year, and Cesar Nicolas Burdisso are training with the scraps that Henla now, we can see how Burdisso resentment for Inter Milan.

Of course, Ye Hao Burdisso, Pizarro it, beat Inter Milan is so full of enthusiasm, in fact, there is a reason. Inter Pizarro is one of the few times Mancini's "tens of millions of reinforcements," one of the Nerazzurri Unfortunately, he has been a controversial figure, and ultimately unable to prove their own before going to Rome. In Rome, although Pizarro firmly secured the main, but still can not prove that, because Rome is often claimed by Inter chance to win. Burdisso, too, in the country 米布尔迪索 be positioned as a universal patch, always pick me. Over time, the Argentines can not get salary raised, the heart of the Inter complain about not surprising. Additionally, Inter Milan this summer regarding the transfer Burdisso in Rome always wrong about the price, not to follow the lead Burdisso Summer Training in Rome, became the new season off the bench. This unit Xiehuo, of course, on the pitch to vent.
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Over the years, Italian media let go for Inter Burdisso, Pizarro always have doubts. In particular, the transfer Burdisso, so many people feel pity. After all, 29-year-old Zheng Dangnian Burdisso, Inter Milan to stay in the main playing rotation, allowing the Nerazzurri after the aging of the problems have been alleviated, if earlier treatment Burdisso Inter renewal, nor As was referred to today turn the point. Looking to Europe, to find such a universal level of the patch is not easy. Even if away, directly sent to competitors, but also how much some of the less wise. This war, Burdisso, Pizarro to use this performance, so feel a bit sorry ... Inter ...

The first farm in England has become the worst-case 2.0 does not Huihun 20 years

At home against lowly 3, Liverpool 1 wins, 2 results are, according to British media said, Liverpool is already lost 4 points. Drop points, the giants of Liverpool seems to have lost the temperament, the performance of not only when the balance of power against strong teams, and even become stuck against the lowly.
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Performance is the best comment, Liverpool ago 6 1 3 wins 2 losses by 6 points level, the average 1 get 1 point. In the game against Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United when the three teams, Arsenal, Liverpool flat, losing to Manchester City and Manchester United, a level 2 negative; and against three lowly, they might not score but also how big improvement, overcome West Brom, Birmingham and Sunderland flat, 1 wins, 2.
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According to legend, Liverpool KOP stand has a magic, is able to inhale each other the net ball, may be at Anfield, Liverpool's record this season, not how. The first 3 home, Arsenal, Liverpool were level, wins West Brom, Sunderland level, the record is hardly regarded as satisfactory.

Do now to send Liverpool, and the wealthy have been further away. Even the "Guardian" also began to take the Stadium of Light last season's scandal joking Red Balloon "Even last season Sunderland had to rely on beach volleyball into the ball, but this time the referee Atwill make up 6 minutes of time, to Liverpool face enough, you can only rely on the results of Liverpool, Steven Gerrard's personal ability to level the score it. "

British media have said after the game is to save Liverpool's Steven Gerrard. Such as "Guardian" reported after the game title is "Gerrard Sunderland refused to force a win," "Sky Sports" is "to save Liverpool's Steven Gerrard," and "Daily Telegraph" said, "Gerald Germany backs Liverpool, staggering forward. He is the team to win a point, but no matter what, he is just beyond the completion of the individual (not team). "
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In fact, scenes from the game, you can also see the distress of Liverpool today. Summer let go of players blocking the midfielder Javier Mascherano, Liverpool's midfield strength of the sharp decline in interception capabilities, regardless of Meireleis or Paulson can not make up for this team at the loss. Game, Steven Gerrard, Dirk Kuyt and Fernando Torres to make up for poor defensive midfield, have been a yellow card, this is also why?

Argentine captain Javier Mascherano, the Liverpool star line array rare, and now
Liverpool midfielder.


Casey two single-pole four games 0 Robben won the FIFA Golden Glove Award by goal

In the final of the Dutch team, Casillas Arjen Robben in the single-pole, two block, losing to secure the goal, while Iniesta goal, he is Yanmianerqi ... ...

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After 120 minutes of hard work finally in the last minute lore Spanish Netherlands, the first in history to win the World Cup title in eight countries. As captain, Iker Casillas from FIFA president Sepp Blatter and South African President Zuma, who took over the trophy in the world will be watching it raised high. Doomed to sleepless night,Chaussures Sports and emotional Sheng Kaxi once again become the patron saint of bullfighters who is the key to fighting his two blocks of the single-pole, Robben.
In this slightly boring finals, the Spaniards controlled the game situation well, but the Dutch team's counter is also often implied beholder. In the second half, both teams received several good scoring opportunities, Arjen Robben is almost single-handedly change the game's movements. 62 minute subtle forward pass sent midfielder Sneijder, Robben success against offside Sharu restricted to the left side of the face of goal Casillas relevant statistic procedures, but that this goal will actually be blocked Casey feet Chudi Xian.
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83 minutes, Romania outpacing the use of Puyol, broadswords opportunity to once again get, but this time, Real Madrid door god time to attack, fell to the ground the ball firmly into her arms. It can be said that this is the Dutch team in the game the best two chances, but Peter Pan and Arjen Robben is clearly also very good, unfortunately they encounter a more excellent Casillas, Spain, last line of defense is insurmountable.

The final stage of the race, Sheng Kaxi also reveals his emotional side, into the winning goal in the post-Iniesta, Spain captain could not restrain their emotions, even Yanmianerqi. 2 years ago lifted the European Championship trophy high, has several times as Real Madrid won the Champions League and Spanish league champion, 29-year-old Casey has experience and has been too much, but when the World Cup, Gold Cup, when the nearby I believe that no one can control the mind the joy and excitement.
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For this day, every Spaniard had to wait too long for too long. In the race shortly after the official FIFA Casillas was named the best goalkeeper at the World Cup, received the "Golden Glove Award" has deserved. Knockout stage of the Spanish result of all 4 games are 1-0, Sheng Kaxi not lost a ball, set a contribution.

Before the opening World Cup in South Africa, in Spain there is the choice of starting goalkeeper too controversial, Casillas and because the poor performance of the warm-up match under great pressure. But now, no one would go with that because Spain stood with the door or online that Shengka Xi, always with their own performance and the emotions with his teammates Shengka Xi.


German media predicted Shao starting free kick or a good show continuous speech

Beijing September 18 0:00,10-11 second division league last season took the lead in the fourth round of a game, scoring just experienced a war will go to away to Cottbus Aachen.
Harding Park three rounds of the league, Cottbus 2 wins and 1 level, 6 ball into the 9 fault, non unbeaten league ranked No. 5, and 2 Aachen 1 loss teams are still numerous, throw the ball into 6 balls 3, ranked 14th. Tuesday morning's game, Energie Cottbus 5-5 draw at home to Karlsruhe. Competition, the audience become the largest Chinese players Shao Jiayi highlight of his team a big deficit to 2-5 when stepped in off the bench three minutes after kick to tie it by 3-5,4 minutes after the free kick and his caused by rival goalkeeper sell, teammates Paterson blank range hit.Running Shoes

It is reported that the team has been in Cottbus Aachen arrived last night in which North Rhine - Westphalia. Although winning streak end, but the ball in behind the three harvest a draw under the unfavorable situation, can be considered a good result. Cottbus defense did present some problems still exist, but the offensive side of the fire would result in any second division opponents appalled.
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Aachen's home to give any trouble the visitors Moreover, they now need a win to ease the embarrassment of the team position in the standings. World War II imminent, "Kicker", "sportal" and other web sites to predict the game both team agreed that China's Shao Jiayi will return Cottbus players starting eleven as well.

"Kicker," the forecast team, the coach worlitz for the last game of the starting 11 was only an adjustment, it is replaced by Slovenian midfielder Shao Jiayi Chaussures Sports. Walking in the last game in the poor performance, not to stir up the important task of the team organized attack, was replaced by Shao Jiayi is also reasonable. While a poor performance of the horses, the Japanese players who are likely to redeem oneself by good service Sung, continue to receive starting opportunity.

In the "sportal" It seems, Shao Jiayi with Adron separated the two wings, as launching points for the team attack. Euler and Paterson will get more firepower up front support. Not surprisingly, then, Shao Jiayi will appear in his most familiar with the right last season, attacking midfielder position.
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It is worth mentioning that the effectiveness of Munich in 1860, Shao Jiayi had, there was over in the second division league match against Aachen, the free kick came off the bench door to break the record of Aachen. This time the old rivals Zai Yu, Shao Jiayi two successive free-kick goal to obtain it?


Serie A players strike by opposition fans: they are too thick skinned

In the end is the abuse of rights or protect their own interests? Although the Italian love of the strike is a name, but the players in this revolution has not been public support. In the "Gazzetta dello Sport" web site launched ballot, 90.6% of fans oppose the strike.
From the public's resentment is understandable. Compared with the Serie A player, other people working in the field can be meager salary. Daily income of an ordinary high school teacher of 65 euros, a metallurgical machinery worker's income is 44 euros. No wonder in the eyes of the general public, the players are a group of spoiled the wayward child.
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A fan on the site Message received the support of many people: "a thick skinned. They should be up every morning to thank God for blessing. Athletes revenue always good football player is one of the best. To to those who work 13 hours a day, in January only earn 900 euros, there is a child to raise all the people it ... ... "
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Italian President Giorgio Napolitano also heard something strike, but he refused to comment: "Do not ask my opinion. However, since it was decided to strike, then he definitely has his own reasons." Labor law expert, Spagniolo supports the idea of the players: "rights are not in money. some of the basic rights enjoyed by everyone, not least related with the high and low salaries. not to mention the contract to protect not only those who had an annual salary Millions of players, it is more to safeguard those who did not play opportunities, but to the rights of the players in training. club hopes players will unconditionally accept the transfer, as long as they level for quite a proposed new club, to pay the salaries did not Bianhua . But as a player, a laborer, he made a choice of factors to consider not only economic aspects. For example, players may be because of family reasons, like a city or a city of hate. These are not the neglected. "

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German second division - Shao Jiayi 30-meter free kick Cottbus 5-5 risk level

In the early morning of September 14 Beijing time (13 September local time in Germany the night) the end of the third round of the German second division league match of the final contests, Cottbus at home with the Karlsruhe team staged a Goals war, eventually the two sides 5-5 draw. The race can be described as tortuous, Cottbus 2-0 lead in the case of opponents Lianban 5 ball, but the team did not give up the chase in 7 minutes with three goals and ultimately the opponents have equal shares. China's Shao Jiayi in the second half the players off the bench the first 62 minutes, relying on a goal and one assists the horn sounded offensive team.
Weeks of injury in the body of Adlen, Euler and Paterson in the recovery time before a starter, comes back to be coach of the Chinese players Shao Jiayi worlitz arranged the bench. Opening is only 19 seconds, Cottbus left wing steals straight Seedelun after, the latter cross & Road, Patterson hit the ball sideways door, Karlsruhe goalkeeper saves less, Cottbus 1-0 lead! Peterson had three consecutive goals. 5 minutes, right-sided mass in the Karlsruhe team, Cottbus defender Afuliye Disembarrassing ball. 6 minutes after the success of Karlsruhe Fink anti offside right field Xiadizhuanzhong, in Luke Li Cottbus defender Santos's shot was flying Sitelaite he denied. 15 minutes, Cottbus get corner opportunities, Karlsruhe Disembarrassing the ball out of restricted areas, Crusca meet the ball outside the area Nushe, ball tag through upper right corner of the goal network, Cottbus will be expanded to 2 score -0!

The first 23 minutes, Cottbus left wing free kick into the box open, Cottbus players Qiangdiantongshe missed, miss the opportunity. After 1 minute, Cottbus once again left Luyou La pass, the Paterson missed a header hit the door slightly. The first 25 minutes, Karlsruhe left back corner out tactics, Stafford pass the ball backward point, unmarked at close range header Gongmen Kerry Santos succeeded, Karlsruhe to score reduced to 1 - 2. The first 26 minutes, Karlsruhe Cottbus players use Disembarrassing Mufei Te mistakes in the restricted area vigorously Shishe the ball over the bar. The first 28 minutes, compared with the restricted area Ma Tsung defensive mistakes, Fink pass the ball forward to the restricted area, follow-up of the Mu Wenzel direct volley the ball, the ball fly directly to the lower left corner goal, Karlsruhe team within 3 minutes equalized the score 2-2! 34 minutes, Karlsruhe counter, left Lufen Ke no defense in the case of easy shots succeeded, Karlsruhe overtake the score 3-2! 1 minute after the transfer of right-sided Cottbus, goalkeeper rush in front of the ball by Euler.

40 minutes after Karlsruhe midfielder successfully steals the ball right to the Road of Yashvili, who left-footed striking outside the area, line of sight was blocked goalkeeper 基尔希鲍姆 fighting less, Karlsruhe Ecuador will score expanded to 4-2! 44 minutes, get 3 dozen 2 Karlsruhe counterattack opportunities, Stafford pass larger, fewer opportunities became an instant death. Halftime, Cottbus 2 Ball in the leading case of opponents Lianban 4 ,2-4 for the time being behind the ball.

Easy side, the first 45 minutes, Karlsruhe launched attack, restricted left Puma Shoes opened the door hit his left foot in neutral gear, the ball just wide. 50 minutes, Karlsruhe team volley outside the area Shefeierling space, the ball hit the goal post crossbar at the junction of the pop-up bottom line. The first 55 minutes, Karlsruhe fought back, throwing the ball to Yashvili Mu Wenzel, who turned the ball the right, left foot relevant statistic procedures Stafford easy insertion restricted network, Karlsruhe 5-2 ! 62 minutes, worlitz replaced with Shao Jiayi had mens Jordan Shoes, good after one play in the right half position.

The first 64 minutes, Paterson header Gongmen succeeded, unfortunately was disallowed for offside earlier. The first 65 minutes, Cottbus be Kicks, 30 yards away from goal, Shao Jiayi left the door directly to vigorously fight the ball over the wall rapid coming into the goal, Cottbus to tie it at 3-5! 69 minutes, Cottbus frontier closed area was re-kick opportunity, Shao Jiayi left foot hit the door to draw a beautiful arc, Karlsruhe goalkeeper net smash instability, Paterson tip-ball scoring, subjects Cottbus will be the score to 4-5 for catching up! 72 minutes, Cottbus Lei Meilin grams clever turn inside the restricted area, Button had three defensive player of the Karlsruhe team again after the left foot free jets break the Karlsruhe goalkeeper's fingers off, Cottbus in Energie Cottbus links within 7 minutes into the 3 ball. The magic of the series at a 5-5 score!

The first 74 minutes, Karlsruhe team direct free kick outside the area Engelhardt hit the door, he denied the ball Chaussures Sports struggling bottom line. 77 minutes, Cottbus Lei Meilin grams of mass in the left back after the break, Road Cohesion of Euler heels hit the door, Karlsruhe Disembarrassing back in time. 78 minutes, Yashvili closed doors left unguarded hit wide of the right foot was almost the lead again. 84 minutes, Karlsruhe referee blew for the foul goal was the first place, then any ball above the door. 86 minutes, Karlsruhe team Energie Cottbus Tim broke the formation of one to one whole defense, goalkeeper Nike Shox R4 he denied at the last moment the ball with their feet. Eventually, the two sides failed to score again, Cottbus Karlsruhe 5-5 at home and draw.

Experts suggest that Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso with a person should be completely abandoned

Italian football journalist Carlo - Pellegatti through "Milan News Network" predicted AC Milan Champions League debut this week, three-team appearances, he thinks should be in the midfield Allegri discharge mens Jordan Shoes combination, completely give up Gattuso.
Cesena 0-2 loss to Milan to the Champions League with Porto Alegre in Wednesday's game were in formations Auxerre have encountered many difficulties, first of all Chaussures Sports premiere of the first field of Trident not successful, in particular, was sent to the Swedish re-look at the last minute God tower also missed a penalty competition to become a laughing stock. Berlusconi, the media said the proposal to abandon Allegri Ronaldinho, Robinho with his place, but Pellegatti Milan coach should continue to trust that the King of Brazil, the opposite is the key to activate Ibrahimovic.

Midfield, the team left this summer to become the Milan Gattuso worst player in the state, this past contributions once the verge of leaving the team, but the team eventually left, but also in Milan and Cesena game starter. Allegri summer without the introduction of Boateng, has chosen to clearly passed the peak of Gattuso, also let the public understand. Moggi Comments AC Milan this summer in the transfer, the bluntly butcher Gattuso should be thrown out like garbage.

Match with Auxerre, Pellegatti that comes back Seedorf and new aid Boateng should be given the opportunity, but then captain Ambrosini and Pirlo will probably lose one person starting position. "Milan News Network" also think that Boateng is absolutely Bijiatusuo more suitable for the task of defensive midfield, a move also will help Milan to help porous defense. Ambrosini, Pirlo and Gennaro Gattuso have been with this veteran does not apply to Milan, Flamini still hurt, Strasser also too young, and Boateng is the official host lineup shake-up to the task.

Tiago - Silva was injured and no final diagnosis, Bonera will replace the Brazilian position, and right back Gianluca Zambrotta to become the main force. Milan this summer after the field again in the introduction of new aid only Boateng to occupy a main location, line of defense on ferrari shoes Stephanopoulos and Yepes is very difficult to help the team improve strength. The former game with Cesena marking errors resulted in Milan's first grain clean sheet, which is yet to receive any playing opportunities.

AC Milan is expected starters: Abbiati / Antonini, Nesta, Bonera, Zambrotta / Boateng, Pirlo, Seedorf / Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Pato


Italy set lineup: Pirlo, Cassano headed strikers accident

Beijing on September 10 message, the national team after two rounds declared race day, a paragraph will be re-opened this weekend league play, and coach Prandelli for the Italian national team for two European Championship qualifiers after the ball finally out of the World Cup team lost in the shadows, but the team's lineup is also the basic shape.Pink Air Rift
Flacchi stadium in Florence, Italy, 5-0 rout of minnows the Faroe Islands, Prandelli said: "This is really a wonderful night. After these two games, I have had a clear inner being the idea. "After the game," slow motion "under Prandelli three games and the recent evaluation of the players, they made Prandelli era lineup of Italy.
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Inter Milan Mourinho won the Champions League with a 4-2-3-1 to lead the World Cup, the Netherlands and Germany also have taken the success of this team, of course, Lippi's lineup is humiliating this group out. Observed by 3 games, Prandelli will not follow Lippi's 4-2-3-1 formation, because in the present Italy, and can not find a really suitable Frontal, Montolivo, Malta Ji Xiao is difficult to undertake this important task, Prandelli has also publicly said: "I will play three forward line-up."

In the goalkeeper position, Buffon would definitely difficult to return in 2010. Italy 3 games after the World Cup, Prandelli tried three goalkeeper, negative Côte d'Ivoire using a Marchetti, Reversal of Fortune with the Siliguri Estonia, while the victory over the Faroe Islands do with a young Vivia Snow, Marchetti did not selected this time of the European preliminary squad. "Slow motion" that, while Siliguri in the race had a net smash sell, but Estonia is strong in the Faroe Islands, Viviano match will almost nothing, so before the reunification in Buffon, goalkeeper may occupied by the Siliguri. However, Prandelli also expressed appreciation to the Viviano, so the location is likely to be played alternately Siliguri and Viviano.

Defense line, two in the back and no suspense, Juventus Chiellini and Bonucci partner portfolio is no doubt, but Bonucci in Bari last season will be the number one partner Lanuoqiya replacement, says Prandelli : "I am waiting for Lanuoqiya good news, hope he is more mature, and then for the national team." in Italy U21 game, Lanuoqiya received high praise from coach Casiraghi. Two backs and goalkeeper situation is similar to the game with Estonia, Prandelli put to Cassani and Molinaro; and the Faroe Islands match the chosen German Silvestri and Antonelli. From opponents of the former two more by Prandelli's trust.

Prandelli has long been hand-picked candidates for the three midfield, and the Faroe Islands in before the game, Prandelli said: "Pirlo side, I want Montolivo and De Rossi playing, because I between the three of them wanted to see what kind of wonderful produce with. "

In the frontcourt, Cassano 2 games 2 goals 1 assists, has become the largest core of the team attacks, Prandelli said: "Cassano is more threatening in the left wing." In the right, Prandelli tried Pepe, Giuseppe - Rossi, and Baluoteli, Pepe has been abandoned, while Baluoteli will occupy the right wing position, the demon child due to an injury situation, Rossi will be the main force position. Before the center position in the conflict, Amauri played a, Pacini A, Gilardino after being substituted in the goal. Prandelli's choice rather surprising, he seems to be more trust in their old favorite in Florence, but Gilardino is also one of his team nearly broke the 1-year goal drought.
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Attached to the Italian lineup prediction:

Goalkeepers: Siliguri

Defenders: Cassani, Bonucci, Chiellini, Molinaro

Midfielders: Daniele De Rossi, Pirlo, Montolivo

Forwards: Baluoteli, Gilardino, Cassano

Rooney cited the fatal disaster porn

The roots of troubles, these words point not leave Rooney on the mess with the solicitation of prostitutes to big trouble. According to the British "Daily Star" message, before the affair burst out with Wayne Rooney's Jennifer - Thompson, also a lover, this Pink Air Rift - Jones, the man is a convicted fugitive, the police are Europe-wide hunt for him, but that is the dangerous elements threatening to retaliate Rooney.
When Jenny had just boarded with chubby when she abandoned Jared - Jones, Jones on his angry friends threatened to retaliate. This is not the only bad thing, another affair with the sexy girl Helen Rooney - Wood is also an extremely dangerous boyfriend, Louis - Keitel, who is currently in prison for reselling firearms before will face years of of prison life.Shoes With Air

When the British media reported that Rooney overwhelming with the two girls when the betrayal of the scandal, the two men risk their boyfriend is planning how to make Wayne Rooney look good. This incident alerted the Manchester United boss, apparently, a serious threat to the safety of Rooney, they consider high prices hiring bodyguards to ensure that the chubby safe.

Wayne Rooney Manchester United within the team currently holding the first-paid, and some copyright and image rights belong to all the team, he and his family was kidnapped once, then it is undoubtedly a great loss to Manchester United. A dedicated high-level security to protect celebrities, said: "Rooney is betrayal and this exposure is very alarming, because the two women's boyfriend is extremely dangerous, they are by no means good. Wayne Rooney is now equivalent to get into the underworld figure . that the world he would not know, what they want to do, do not consider the consequences, so he is very dangerous. "
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In comparison, the old lover Jenny Jones obviously more dangerous, because this man is out-of desperadoes. The High Security said: "Jones is in the underworld on a typical rogue." Rooney Querang the rogue while thoroughly thoroughly discredited, he and Jenny to spend the night in the five-star hotels throughout the United Kingdom have been aware of things, no wonder he thought to Rooney intends to complete revenge.
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According to British police sources, who last night had been informed of the whereabouts of Jones, but this man is very cunning were dangerous, the police still do nothing for him temporarily, so Rooney can only rely on themselves.


Chelsea Arsenal striker 15 million Dutch winter rush available Qiang Yuan

Beijing on September 9, according to the British Talk sport news that Chelsea have taken a fancy Ajax player Van der Veer, who consider the winter transfer under the command of this Dutch striker incurred. The blue is the price of the initial development of 15 million pounds, but not only their discerning eye, almost at the same time, Arsenal have also expressed interest in Van der Veer.
Ajax to recognize that they have been unable to Van Der Veer to remain in force, the winter transfer window is bound to leave the defender. Now if the club out at the right price, they would happy to release. Ajax coach Madingqiaoer that very lack of funds in his hand, only by way of selling people to raise funds. Obviously, he thought the Dutch striker could be a better price.
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In fact, when the summer transfer, Chelsea already eyeing Van Der Veer, but Ancelotti is not determined in the transfer market before the window closes, get this player. But insiders say Ajax, Chelsea boss in January said it would make a formal offer on the Van der Veer, the 22-year-old player worth about £ 10,000 in 12 million -1500.
Ajax has been released news that there are two representatives of the Premiership clubs have shown interest in view of competition, they want to further study on the Van Der Veer. In addition to Chelsea, the other one interested in buying Dutch international team is Arsenal, but they are not so urgent as Chelsea, Arsene Wenger is also watching them now.
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In addition, Suarez is also the goal of Ajax to sell, but the Dutch media that the player is likely to continue to stay behind the Netherlands, but rather more likely to leave Van Der Veer. Because he was still young, but the World Cup in South Africa has a very good performance, to help the team finished second, while also attracting the attention of many clubs. Obviously, he should go to a higher level of league to exercise about. Balance, Ajax coach has decided to sell Van der Veer, the current team, after all, Suarez is more meaningful.Air Jordan Chaussures


Tieshuai even behind Wayne Rooney Fabio Capello starting worry: a private matter unrelated to stadium

Rooney's prostitution scandal can finally drawing to an end, and England coach Fabio Capello has been officially confirmed, chubby will be starting the game against Switzerland on stage for the time being because of this scandal in any form of punishment. But I am afraid the economy would have on the loss of Rooney, the negative image of his dissatisfaction with the Coca-Cola Company may cancel the commercial co-operation with chubby.Air Shoes
Prostitution scandal broke out, Wayne Rooney to redeem his reputation has apologized, but the British media did not buy it, "Daily Mirror" on the dig: "Rooney's apology as simple as drinking milk." Prior to Terry for "Pirates of the Sao gate "scandal has been deprived of the captain's armband, as Wayne Rooney did not armband for deprivation," the Daily Mail, "" The Guardian "and other media on the egg on Capello internal punishment, they want to participate in the Italian Swiss ban chubby game as a punishment.Nike Shox

But Capello has just been through a crisis of confidence for the contribution of Rooney on the pitch than he can be more important to counter the image, so people choose to support the chubby Italian: "Yes, he would, Switzerland the game starts, the state of his training great, and I have talked to him, and he was very eager to team played, I understand the players want to play the game long, it is very important. I believe he will be tomorrow the state of the race out well, I hope his performance will be at Wembley with time (contributed 3 assists) as well. "

Capello finally said: "I am concerned about is the game the players off the field has little to do with my private life, we are here is to play a good game."

England captain Steven Gerrard is also a helping hand to Rooney: "Yes, Rooney on the sidelines had some trouble, but I do not think this will affect his play in the game, lunch time today I have talked with him . training in the state of Wayne Rooney is also very good, he is only concerned with the immediate competition, once into the stadium, all the energy will be on Rooney football, he will help us get three points, we've seen him in the Bulgaria's performance in that game, I hope the next Wayne Rooney will once again come up with an extraordinary state. "
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Capello and support Rooney Steven Gerrard, it is indispensable within the team in England because of chubby, but in business, prostitution scandal, left him the image of the greatly reduced, however, Nike is still an open position to support Rooney: "We cooperate with already 7 years, he will continue to serve as the spokesman for Nike, Rooney and his family this is a private matter, now we have to say what is not convenient." Coca-Cola's statement is " This is Wayne Rooney and his family's private affair, "but the" Daily Mirror "that since Coca-Cola company has not formally expressed support for Wayne Rooney, then they are likely to discuss the ongoing and intensive investigation, the company eventually will Rooney image in the end be much impact, to decide whether to continue with the commercial contract between chubby.
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Domenech dismissed by law enforcement Football serious misconduct penalty

Beijing on September 7 morning news, the French Football Federation confirmed the new main Air Shoes coach Raymond Domenech before the national team because of "serious misconduct" and dismissed the news.
Domenech the World Cup after the end of his contract to coach the French national team, but he still pay the French Football Federation's list, but the French Football Federation has already taken action, Duxiaosuoyi said: "Domenech has received because of the removal of misconduct and issued a letter, it is not any room for negotiation. If he thinks he has the right to appeal to the court, then, taking into account some of the provisions before the contract, I would be very shocked. "Nike Shox

Domenech said the fault was 11, including the 1-2 defeat by hosts South Africa, after South Africa coach Carlos Alberto Parreira refused to shake hands and "no looming crisis in the team in time to remind the French Football Federation." It was after the game with Mexico, broke up Anelka's foul language incident, which is also called the French soccer has become a disaster after a series of events. Domenech before the media took the Football Association decided to make the players strike of dissatisfaction with the statement that the letter is also training him in the limelight the wave.
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Under French law, because of "serious misconduct" and dismissed the employees will not get severance pay, the money probably between 30-50 million euros, despite an appeal can be filed, but should not Domenech find their own uninteresting.

Barcelona young talents exposed Arsenal star or trapping small step followed the law

Beijing on September 6 evening, according to the British "Daily Mail" the latest reports, Arsenal ready next January raid Lamaxiya youth academy, trapping Barcelona midfielder Aoliaoer genius - Romeu, which potential values were high promising defensive midfielder Cesc Fabregas's lead further to join "Young Guard" Arsenal.
Discerning the summer of 2003, Professor Wenger to Barcelona youth academy is one of the best products brought Fabregas Arsenal, now 23-year-old Arsenal captain has become the star of international football, one of the most appealing . "Daily Mail" the author pointed out that Wenger will have tasted the sweetness Fabregas eyes once again locked in a Lamaxiya youth academy, this time Arsenal young fathers want to bring fame Romeu Emirates Stadium.Air Shoes

Romeu, aged under 19 years of age is currently the main members of the Barcelona B team, he played in the team is the main role of defensive midfielder, 1 meter 82 tall, 79 kg of body weight is very consistent with the position requirements physical condition, at the same time Romeu also a guest in the back. Superior technology Romeu abundance of physical, first-class midfield interception capability and good bigger picture, he was known as the enhanced version of Busquets does not too.Nike Shox

Former Barcelona B team coach Josep Guardiola is very understanding on the disciple Romeu, the promising midfielder had great hope and Busquets and Pedro into the Barcelona first team as exceptional and the team main. But with Argentina captain Javier Mascherano joined Liverpool from Barcelona, Romeu in the Nou Camp suddenly become bleak future together. Before the arrival of Mascherano, Romeu has become the edge of Barcelona first team players, Guardiola has even put him as the first replacement candidate Busquets.
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From the current situation, the position in the defensive midfielder Javier Mascherano, and Busquets will be entrusted with the responsibility of the two players Guardiola, Romeu want from the hands of two world class players snatch main location is undoubtedly an idiot, in this context Romeu leave Barcelona has officially entered the countdown stage.
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Romeu also did not renew the Nou Camp to open high-level work, desperate for Wenger This is undoubtedly the greatest good, good young talents of the French excavation will not miss the opportunity to once again dig Barcelona corner. For the high aspirations of the Romeu, there are opportunities and fight side by side and learn from senior Fabregas the successful experience of the latter situation is the wish for this for his future career development is also very good.